Business Ethos Blog with David Mielke, Retired Dean of College of Business at EMU
Dr. David Mielke

Student Loans: Good Bang for the Buck? Pt. 2

Last week we looked at the student loan programs in place and the problems associated with them–in particular the amount of defaults and students not making repayments. This week we will discuss the student graduation success rates at the Michigan public universities and community colleges, the implications for student debt and whether or not the degrees have actually benefited the students.

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Healthy Living Blog with Tina Miller, MS RD
Tina Miller 2011

Smile Bright, Eat Right

This week’s news about flossing has dentists on edge. The reports state that the scientific evidence shows weak, if any, support for flossing to reduce oral plaque and that the benefits of flossing have been overstated. However, the American Dental Association stands by their recommendation to floss and anyone who has had a bit of food (think stringy spinach) stuck between their teeth knows the real benefits of flossing.

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