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Ransacking Business

Legislation that would severely limit the ability of citizens to join class action lawsuits has sparked debate, with supporters saying it would reduce lawyer driven litigation and opponents saying it would minimize consumer rights. Another legislative initiative in California would limit cookie cutter lawsuits regarding the American Disabilities Act. The regulations are seen as guaranteeing lifetime employment for building consultants and have spawned an industry of attorneys who jam federal courts with suits that require defendants to pay attorney fees while plaintiffs aren’t entitled to damages under federal law. Should class action and ADA lawsuits be limited? Are there abuses to the system with payouts to attorneys with little or no compensation for plaintiffs? Does this type of legislation limit consumers’ rights? Who benefits the most for these suits, the attorneys or the plaintiffs? What is the “Right Thing to do?”

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Healthy Living Blog with Tina Miller, MS RD

Homegrown Season: Spud Love

Spring in Michigan marks the start of our homegrown produce season, with Michigan asparagus typically coming to market first. While we adore asparagus, the often overlooked and underappreciated Michigan homegrown potato is a local produce crop to be celebrated year round! Here are just a few reasons to show a little spud love…

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