Business Ethos Blog with David Mielke, Retired Dean of College of Business at EMU

The Right Thing To Do: Exporting Michigan Water

We have had a number of reminders last year about the importance of water as a vital resource. Certainly Flint comes to mind, but there has also been a devastating drought and wild fires in California and more recently the same problems in the Southeastern US. Michigan is certainly blessed surrounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes and what appears to be ample ground water. However, there is a controversy concerning the bottled water operations of Nestle in Stanwood and other Michigan cities. Nestle pays virtually nothing to extract billions of gallons of water from Michigan aquifers.

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Healthy Living Blog with Tina Miller, MS RD

How to ‘Healthify’ 2017

Following a month long binge on holiday treats and heavy meals, diet resolution week kicks off on January 8. How will you “healthify” your diet? With a few simple steps, you can easily add more nutrition to your meals without sacrificing flavor or convenience.

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