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Bob Pierce, Chelsea Chamber Executive Director; Cindy Coleman, Owner of the new Jimmy John’s in Chelsea – Chelsea has had an influx of new business over the last several months, including the Jimmy John’s franchise.  The owners joined the Chamber even before they opened, and despite it being a national franchise they understand the importance of being part of a local business community.
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re:NEW  Michigan:  Larry Eiler, CEO of Eiler Communications; Rob Rademacher, Associate AD for UM Football Operations – Future Plans for Michigan Stadium: The expansion of Michigan Stadium and the refurbishment of next door Crisler Arena are just the start to plans the UM has for its sports properties.
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Patrick Wright, Director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation – Michigan Employment Relations Commission Hearing on UM Grad Student Unionization Case:  The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation submitted a motion on behalf of the 370-member Students Against GRSA Unionization asking MERC to stand by its earlier ruling and reject a call for a unionization vote of such students.  Decades ago MERC had determined that research assistants are not public employees and therefore cannot be placed into a mandatory collective bargaining unit.  The UM Board of Regents this past June voted 6-2 to allow the GEO to pursue the unionization, despite even UM President Mary Sue Coleman lobbying against it.
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West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Scio Township Fire Chief Carl FerchWith 24 years of knowledge of running a township fire department, Chief Ferch weighs in on public safety budget struggles and the future of fire services.
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