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Princeton Review Ranks Eastern Michigan University College of Business ‘Outstanding’ –  Dr. Michael Tidwell, Dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University – The listing of the nation’s Top 296 business schools includes Eastern Michigan University for the ninth consecutive year.
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A2Y Regional Chamber of Commerce: Drunk Driving & The Law – Stacey Washington, Attorney and Counselor:  If you are stopped for drunk driving, do you know your rights under the law?  Learn the process of what happens after you are charged with a DUI or DWI and what to expect from the police and a court of law.
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Business Ethos – Do The Right Thing: Unemployment Rate:  Precise & Bias Free???  –  Dr. David Mielke, Retired Dean of the College of Business at EMU: Looking at the government calculated unemployment rate, you would think the economy is recovering and President Obama’s economic policies are working.  The administration says the method to determine the rate is “precise and bias free”, but Dr. Mielke shows us why we should be questioning those numbers.
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Criminal Justice Reform:  Craig DeRoche, Director of External Relations, Justice Fellowship/ Signatory, Right On Crime / Former Michigan Speaker of the House – In a recent poll, Detroit residents pegged crime as their biggest concern, not jobs, despite the city’s high unemployment rate.   Detroit’s crime crisis is prompting such pessimism that 40% of residents plan to move within five years.  The conservative Right On Crime says we must examine our criminal justice programs to determine whether they were truly providing taxpayers with the results commensurate with their cost.
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Milan Area Chamber of Commerce:  Dr. G. Alfred Dodds, III, Milan Heart Clinic, Michigan Heart St. Joseph Mercy Health System – The new Milan Heart Clinic, affiliated with Michigan Heart St. Joseph Mercy Health System, is now open in Milan with five cardiologists seeing patients there.  The community is invited to a Health Expo and Ribbon-Cutting ceremony at the new Milan office on Arkona Road this Thursday, October 25.
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Think Local First:  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Amy Cortese, Author, LocavestingLocavesting is a call to rethink the way we invest, so that we support the small businesses that create jobs and healthy resilient communities.  Just as “Buy Local” campaigns have found that a shift in purchasing from chains to locally-owned enterprises can reap benefits for a community, so too can a shift in our investment dollars.
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