Lucy Ann Lance Business Insider on 1290 WLBY – Monday, June 13, 2011

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City of Ann Arbor & Washtenaw County Propose Consolidation of Emergency Dispatch Services:  Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton & Ann Arbor Police Chief Barnett Jones
– The City of Ann Arbor anticipates saving $400,000 a year by contracting with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department for dispatch services.  Talks are underway to work out a deal that the County estimates would be cost-neutral for the County and would help streamline dispatch services.
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Saline Area Chamber of Commerce: Art Trapp, Director of Downtown Development; and Carla Scruggs, Saline Parks & Recreation – Saline Rec Center Celebrates 20 Years
– Two decades ago a Saline businessman issued  a $1 million challenge grant to encourage his community to build a recreation center.  This weekend the Saline Rec Center celebrates its 20th anniversary with a 3-day event throughout the 43,000 square foot facility and its surrounding grounds.
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Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce:  Roger Curtis, President of Michigan International Speedway – With a seating capacity of 106,000, it’s estimated that Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn brings in hundreds of millions of dollars a year in economic activity throughout the region.  We talk with Roger Curtis about the $60 million upgrade the facility recently underwent, and this weekend’s NASCAR races.
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Dr. Kim Eagle, MD, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine/Clinical Director of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center – A Doctor’s Perspective on Health Care Reform:
Dr. Kim Eagle believes we need some sort of health care reform, however it’s how we do it that could make the difference in its success.  He says the states need to have a vital role in any national health care platform, and it needs to emphasize preventive medicine.
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Milan Area Chamber of Commerce:  Denise Fisher, Co-Owner of Milan Floral and Garden – After 35 years working as a floral designer for other businesses, Denise Fisher realized her dream this year when a Milan flower shop went up for sale.  She explains how she acquired Milan Floral and Garden and shares her business model with us.
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Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; & Lunasa Market’s Dawn Thompson & Jane Pacheco
– From eggs to milk, fresh produce, meat, and fish, Lunasa offers its members farm fresh goods from local producers through an online site and twice monthly warehouse shopping.  Dawn and Jane talk about their venture, which they say makes it easier to buy local.
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