The Colorful Power of One

Every day this month Cathy Cieglo is wearing the color teal. Teal-colored shirts, sweaters, pants, and skirts. She scoured thrift shops to add the color to her wardrobe, and even painted her toenails teal. Her colorful way isn’t just a fashion statement, but a heartfelt cause.

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Save the Date! 5th Annual Lucy Ann Lance Hometown Christmas Radio Show

The 5th Annual Lucy Ann Lance Hometown Christmas Radio Show will broadcast live from the Ann Arbor City Club on Saturday December 14, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Join us for an old-fashioned radio variety show featuring music, stories, local celebrities, holiday cheer, refreshments and much more!  It’s free and open to the […]

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Ann Arbor’s Crosswalk Ordinance Puts Safety at Risk

After three years of Ann Arbor’s new Pedestrian Crosswalk Ordinance it is clear that the law hasn’t achieved its desired effect, to make walking in Ann Arbor safer. It can be argued that the law has instead made walking and driving near these crosswalks inherently more dangerous. After one death, numerous accidents, and who knows how many near misses, the question needs to be asked: can the city take any steps to make this new law safer for everyone, or should it just be scrapped completely?

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Michigan Law School Innocence Clinic Helps to Free Man Imprisoned for 27 Years

David Lee Gavitt spent half of his life in prison wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife and two children who died in a house fire in Ionia, Mi. in 1985. After 27 years behind bars he was exonerated and freed earlier this month, thanks to the University of Michigan Law School’s Innocence Clinic. Clinic co-director David Moran estimates that 3% of all prisoners are innocent of the crimes for which they are convicted. That would represent about a thousand prisoners in Michigan. In an interview on 1290 WLBY, Moran said the first place Gavitt asked to go after his release was to the cemetery where his family is buried.

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Ann Arbor Does It Up Different: Without Adverbs

Before a nationwide campaign is launched promoting the Ann Arbor region, some are suggesting that it be corrected for grammatical errors. The Pure Michigan promotion touts the slogan, “Ann Arbor Does It Up Different.” The Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has been using a variation of that slogan, using the word “different” rather than “differently”, on its website, as well. Even the University of Michigan posts “Drive Safe” on game scoreboards.

Ann Arbor isn’t the only place doing things differently when it comes to the English language. The adverb seems to be disappearing, along with proper punctuation, and handwriting. Dr. Anne Curzan, a University of Michigan associate professor of English and director of the UM English Writing Program, appeared on The Lucy Ann Lance Business Insider on 1290 WLBY and said such language may not be wrong, but rather just a sign of the times.

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Dr. Patricia Green, Superintendent of the Ann Arbor Public Schools

It’s been one year since the Ann Arbor School Board selected Dr. Patricia Green as the new superintendent for the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Dean Erskine and I talked with her on 1290 WLBY to mark the anniversary. The following is an edited version of our conversation. Click & listen to the complete audio interview here: [audio:]

Lucy Ann: When you were hired you said that you put academics and children first and you advocated using a scalpel and not a machete in making cuts. What’s your impression of the deficit situation now for the Ann Arbor Public Schools?

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“If you can’t say anything nice…”

Rush Limbaugh has apologized for insulting a student who supported the Obama Administration’s position on religious institutions and contraception coverage. In my profession (and I use that term loosely), there have been decades of broadcasters who have skewered others with unkind words. It is a lost art to be able to debate an idea without bringing down your opposition with personal attacks.

My old broadcasting mentor, the late Ted Heusel, was fond of the phrase, “Hate the sin; love the sinner.” Those who are mindful of Ted’s advice might discover a model of discourse which allows for passionate care both for the issue at hand as well as for one’s fellow man.

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‘Leapling’ Peter B. Fletcher

Is he 80 or 20?  We help Ypsilanti’s Peter B. Fletcher, owner of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti, celebrate his Leap Day birthday today.  He shares with us the fascinating history behind Leap Years, as well as his connection to aviators Jack Lousma and Charles Lindbergh. Read the transcript below and listen to the audio […]

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Brandon Jessup on the Drive to Appeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law

Michigan voters may decide the fate of the state’s controversial emergency manager law. The organization aiming to repeal Public Act 4 says it’s close to getting the issue on the November ballot. On 1290 WLBY, Dean Erskine and I talked with Michigan Forward’s Brandon Jessup. The following is an edited version of our conversation, which can be heard in its entirety here.

Lucy Ann: How many signatures do you have and how many do you need to get this before Michigan voters?

Brandon: We have over 200,000 signatures now. We need 161,000 signatures to place this issue on the ballot in November 2012. We feel confident that the Secretary of State will certify those signatures.

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Five Chairs: What I learned from Denard Robinson & Kelvin Grady

Five chairs were lined up in a row facing the stage at the empty table set aside for the judges at Pioneer High School’s Future Stars 2012. I had arrived early (not one of my traits) to select my seat and make sure I had perfect line of sight of the district-wide high school acts that would be vying for the title of Future Stars. I take my judging seriously.

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