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The Lucy Ann Lance Show on 1290 WLBY – Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Jan Schlain, Ann Arbor Observer – Groundcover NewsAnn Arbor Observer writer Jan Schlain profiles a new newspaper that recently his the streets.  What’s different about Groundcover News is that it is sold by people who are homeless, as  a way to make income and connect with the community.

Pet  of the Week, Humane Society of Huron Valley

Mary Morgan, – Teaching New Media at the Elderwise Program;  Medical Marijuana in the City of Ann Arbor:   For the last few years,  Mary Morgan, the publisher of, has taught a class for Elderwise based at Cleary University.  She gives us some interesting insight on the use of online media by the older generation.  We also discuss the moratarium on establishing any new medical marijuana dispensaries within the City of Ann Arbor. which is to end in early December.  Officials are now scrambling to come up with definitive ways to regulate this growing industry.  Read the Chronicle story here:

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Tina Miller, R.D./Meijer HealthyCart Away Colds & Flu –    We’re starting to get reports of colds and even the flu here in southeast Michigan.  Tina has some great advice on how to avoid what for some has become a yearly ritual.  Click the link to listen to our interview, and check out the great recipes listed in the Healthy Living Blog above, too.

David Lorenz, Travel Michigan/Pure Michigan -Fall Fun in Michigan:  One of the many reasons we love Michigan so much is the ever-changing scenery from season to season.  Fall is an especially grand time of year in our state, and Dave shows us why.

Stefanie Murray, – Medical Marijuana:  Since Michigan passed the law making medical marijuana legal, there have been a number of dispensaries that have started business in Ann Arbor.  Unfortunately, the law is vague as to how those businesses should operate, including where they are located, whether safety issues have been addressed, and what should happen if they are negatively impacting nearby businesses and homes.  The City of Ann Arbor is now trying to address these issues and is trying to determine whether possible zoning or licensing rules should apply to medical marijuana shops.  Read more here:

Dan Riddle, Owner of Lodi Farms – Outdoor Living Spaces:  Before you start transforming your backyard into an extension of your living space, Dan Riddle says there are a number of questions you need to consider.  He gives us great tips on how to make your outdoors a beautiful place to enjoy.

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Alan Ribant, Managing Director, Purple Rose Theatre – Celebrating 25 Years of Jeff Daniels’ theater in Chelsea, Mi.

Joan Broggi, author of “Bursting With Joy“, & her son, Alex, a special needs child, along with Joan’s brother, Finlay Beaton:  Even though Alex will never learn to read, ride a bike, drive a car, or go to college, his profound innocence and unique ability to do the right thing teaches those around him every day.  Visit

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