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WWBA History:

The WWBA grew from two preceding business organizations: the Jackson Road Business Association (JRBA) and West Stadium Area Business and Professional Association (WSABPA). A business group arose in 1959 upon learning that the State Highway Department was planning only one entry ramp along the Jackson Road corridor for the proposed I-94 expressway–that being at Fletcher Road by Stiver’s Restaurant. The initial association was conceived in front of Holland Furniture Store by Jacob Grant of Farmer Grant’s, Herman Weber of Weber’s Supper Club, and Walter Ernst of Paul Bunyan’s Restaurant. Their efforts helped obtain ramps at Baker and Zeeb roads. In 1963, a formal association was formed, bylaws adopted, and the official name agreed upon as the Jackson Road Business Association. Jacob Grant was the first president.   The West Stadium Area Business and Professional Association originated in 1971 to help promote the West Stadium corridor as a viable business community and to provide social interaction opportunities among merchants. Gertrude Bethke and Dick Leslie were officers of the original board of directors. Enthusiasm dwindled in the late 70s and mention of merging with JRBA was considered in 1982, although not accepted at that time. WSABPA reorganized and accomplished the inauguration of a $60,000 three-year tree-planting schedule along West Stadium and adjoining routes, in cooperation with Elizabeth Dean Fund (a cost-sharing program offered by the Ann Arbor Department of Parks and Recreation). The association also began publishing a monthly newsletter: The Boulevard Banter and started the “Shop the Boulevard” logo used in group advertising, decals, and banners. During the 90s the tradition of a summer picnic for the merchants was adopted as well as an annual community involvement fund/friend raiser, Walk the Boulevard.

In the fall of 2001, the JRBA and the WSABPA merged to become the West Washtenaw Business Association (WWBA). The bylaws were changed and the state and IRS approved the name of the new organization.
P.O. Box 2801
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-2801


WWBA Interviews:

May 3, 2016: The Mystery Tile Unveiled – Paul Larned, WWBA President; Christa Quinn, Marketing Director, Motawi Tileworks – We get a preview of the upcoming Mega Sale at Motawi Tileworks, along with a sneak-peek of the newest tile.

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WWBA_322March 22, 2016: Moxie Grafix – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Susan Maher, Owner, Moxie Grafix – A new partnership with two Oregon companies is helping this local graphic design and web development company grow.

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WWBA_223February 23, 2016: Is Your Business On Page One of Google? – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Nick Suino, Founder, SEO Ann Arbor – Essential SEO tips to help you and your business compete.

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WWBA_126January 26, 2016: Electric is Changing the Way We Drive – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; John Carter, Service Manager, Auto Tech Center / WCC Auto Shop Teacher – The electric components in vehicles today are helping to make those cars smarter and keep us safer on the roads.

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WWBA_119January 19, 2016: Home Ownership for Everyone – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Sarah Stanton, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley – Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley works to enrich Washtenaw County through a legacy of affordable homeownership for low-income families.

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WWBA_112January 12, 2016: Jackson Road Cruise Revs Up – Paul Larned, WWBA President; Todd Bailey, Chair, Jackson Road Cruise – The wheels are in motion for the June 11th Jackson Road Cruise, which celebrates our auto heritage and west side Ann Arbor businesses at this fun, family event.

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WWBA_105January 5, 2016: Ophir Yarn & Fiber – Paul Larned, WWBA President; Ophir’s Kate Ernsting, Owner; Barbra Stewart, Outreach & Education Manager/Events Development; Gary Ernsting, Operations Director – This friendly neighborhood yarn shop draws people of all ages and skill levels, where they can learn to craft with fibers – an ancient tradition that is being renewed with modern creativity and style.

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WWBA_1201December 1, 2015: 2016 Minimum Wage Hike – Paul Larned, WWBA President; James Lippens, Owner, Payroll Vault – The minimum wage rises to $8.50/hour on January 1, 2016. Here’s how your business needs to stay compliant with the law.

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WWBA_1117November 17, 2015: Quick Books – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Martha King, Owner, Accounting Advantage and Business Advantage – If you utilize Quick Books to aid you with your business accounting, you know how frustrating it can be to handle your own bookkeeping. Accounting Advantage helps small to medium-sized businesses work with all Quick Books issues, even offering training and troubleshooting.

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WWBA_1020October 20, 2015: What To Do With That Garage Floor..and More – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Steven Hannum, Owner, Arbor Gloss – When you take pride in your home, don’t forget about that garage – especially if it’s a regular entry point for guests. Arbor Gloss specializes in the installation of premium custom polymer floors to beautify and protect your shop, garage and basement floors, whether they are old and tired or newly poured.

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WWBA_1006October 6, 2015: Newcomers Welcome Service – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Annette Fraser, Newcomers Welcome Service – Since 1960 Newcomers Welcome Service has been greeting new arrivals to welcome them into our community. It’s a unique opportunity for businesses and homeowners.

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WWBA_929September 29, 2015: EMV- Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Jerry Adams, Merchant Solutions International – Big changes are coming to the credit card payment industry. Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) is a global standard for authenticating credit and debit card transactions that involves chip-compatible cards and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Visit www.MerchantSolution.com.

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WWBA_922September 21, 2015: Five Star Painting – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Chris Szuma, Owner, Five Star Painting – Painting your home isn’t just about color choices. It starts with hiring the right company to do the job correctly. This retired Army veteran applies the principles he learned in the military to his own business.

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WWBA_915September 15, 2015: From Brick & Mortar to Click & Order – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Allan Cassell, Owner, Send Out Cards – When is the last time you sent someone a card through the U.S. Mail? The handwritten thank you note has given way to email, texting, and Facebook- – if you are lucky enough to receive one at all. But there is a way to easily send out a personal card and it’s as close as your computer.

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WWBA_811August 11, 2015: Partnership Banking: How Businesses and Employees Benefit – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Old National Bank’s Denise McPherson-Pratt, VP of Mortgage Lending, and Crystal Curtis, Retail Center Manager –
There are many ways you can take advantage of savings for both your company and your staff through these product lines at Old National Bank, including mortgages.

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WWBA_728July 28, 2015: Mower Maintenance – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Jim Blakeman, Co-Owner, Larry’s Mower Shop – Unless the gas for your lawn mower is treated with this you will have carburetor and starting issues. This common additive harms an engine if left in a machine for more than 30-40 days. So, what is it?

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WWBA_721July 21, 2015: Benefits of Massage – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Gloria Leininger, Owner, Healing Arts Center for Massage & Wellness – This may come as a surprise, but did you know that massage may be able to assist with fertility? Gloria Leininger explains how it works, as she shares her interesting journey into owning her own massage and wellness clinic.

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WWBA_616June 16, 2015: Car Lovers Paradise – Paul Larned, WWBA President; Cathy Franklin, WWBA VP; Skip Anderson, Varsity Ford – It’s the show within the show, now that one car dealership’s annual car show has been moved to the same date as the upcoming Jackson Road Cruise.

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WWBA_519May 19, 2015: Golf Club Undergoes New Ownership – Paul Larned, WWBA President; Nash Pater, Vice President of Development, Vargo Golf Company – Nash Pater of Vargo Golf Company is a community and recreation enthusiast from Grand Rapids Michigan, who is working to help guide golf assets with sustainable strategies in the Metro Detroit area. Vargo recently bought Reddeman Farms, a 6,525 yard challenging layout.

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WWBA_512May 12, 2015: Obamacare & Business – Paul Larned, WWBA President; James H. Lewis II of Kokopelli Financial Management – We have yet to see the full financial impact the Affordable Healthcare Act will have on companies and their employees. James Lewis helps us prepare for what’s to come.

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WWBA_505May 5, 2015: Benefits of Having a Local Insurance Agent – Len Pytlak, WWBA Board of Directors; Russ Cornell, Executive Assistant, and Rick Starkey, Agent, State Farm Insurance Agency – How a local insurance agent can assist you in good times and bad, and what you need to know about life insurance and disability insurance. Visit www.RickIsMyAgent.com

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WWBA_428April 28, 2015: Ann Arbor AutoGlow – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Corey Wallace, Owner, Ann Arbor AutoGlow – Ann Arbor AutoGlow has been in business more than 42 years. Its owner for the last eight years is now expanding his business to additional states. Visit www.annarborautoglow.com

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WWBA_2April 21, 2015: 100 Pounds & Fifty More To Go – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Angelic Sponaugle, Banz 36, a Fitness and Weight Loss Center – Banz 36 is touted as an inexpensive to reach your health and fitness goals, and includes a personal trainer with you at all times, 24 hours access, and availability of meal plans.

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WWBA_414April 14, 2015: HR & Your Business – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Michelle Vorase, focus! HR, LLC. – focus! HR focuses on your human capital so you can focus on your business.

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WWBA_407April 7, 2015: Furniture That Works For You – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Matt Little, Owner, Ann Arbor Office Works – Today’s office space is no longer ‘one size fits all.’ Designers take into consideration disability issues, work flow and habits. Ann Arbor Office Works is a locally-owned company representing more than 30 manufacturers of office furniture, and does everything from project management and design to furniture evaluation and installation.

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WWBA_331March 31, 2015: Insuring Your Business – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Insurance Agents Carlos Lozano & Patrick Conklin, Washtenaw Insurance Services Agency of Farm Bureau Insurance – After working on their own with Farm Bureau Insurance, these two agents are now putting their talents together to provide clients with comprehensive insurance plans. In this interview we learn how commercial insurance works, including worker’s compensation policies, business auto policies, and liability insurance.

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March 24, 2015: On Demand Printing – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Bill Morales, Owner, CMYK Imperial Printing – With an onsite graphic designer and a commitment to a quick turnaround, this on demand printing company on Ann Arbor’s west side can print anything you can dream.

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WWBA_217February 17, 2015: A Boost for the Building Industry – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Steve DiGiuseppe, Owner, Tandem Tile & Stone, LLC – Awarded the 2014 Associate of the Year from the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor, Steve DiGiuseppe knows the importance of introducing potential employees to the construction trades.

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February 10, 2015: Attome Responsive Web Design – Paul Larned, WWBA President; Cathy Franklin, WWBA Vice President; Alexander Reynolds, Founder/CEO, Attome Responsive Web Design – Mobile devices make up an increasingly larger segment of users accessing the internet, and websites that fail to optimize their sites will likely turn away every single one of these consumers. The answer? Incorporating a responsive web design into your site.

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WWBA_203February 3, 2015: His Eye Is On The Sparrow- Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Annette Fraser, Board Member – His Eye is on the Sparrow is a non-profit organization which provides community services and homes with a loving family atmosphere with four residents in each home who have developmental disabilities, such as Down Syndrome. Accredited since 2011 by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, they currently have two homes and are fundraising for a third home. Visit: www.hiseyeisonthesparrow.org

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WWBA_127January 27, 2015: A Business Plan for Success- Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Larry Fitzpatrick, United Systems – After teaching for 37 years and spending 30 of those years with the Willow Run Community Schools, Larry Fitzpatrick runs his own company of online products and services. In addition, he teaches others how to develop a business.

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WWBA_120January 20, 2015: Insuring Your Future – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Doug Jenvey, Financial Rep, Western & Southern Life – Learn about life insurance and long term care for you and your loved ones.

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WWBA_113January 13, 2015: The Real Estate Market – Len Pytlak, WWBA Board; David Greiner, Greiner Realty Resources – This real estate investor and entrepreneur specializes in single family homes in Washtenaw County, as well as property management. He derived his passion for real estate from his father, whose interest in home improvements caught David’s eye at an early age.

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WWBA_106January 6, 2015: Payroll & HR for Your Business – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; James Lippens, Payroll Vault – This locally-owned full service payroll processor also offers HR services, pay as you go workers compensation, background check services, and time clock services that help businesses stay ACA compliant. Payroll Vault focuses on offering the latest cloud based web and mobile technologies, while offering personalized customer service.

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wwbaDecember 23, 2014: Business Update – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Christopher Juliette, Attorney – While hearing about all of the initiatives that the WWBA has done to assist business growth this year, we also get the perspective of one of their newest members.

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WWBA_1216December 16, 2014: Teaching Kids Math – Len Pytlak, WWBA Board; Towid Islam, Center Director/Owner, Mathnasium Ann Arbor West – Committed to helping your child catch-up, keep-up, and get ahead in math, this franchise specializes in grades K-12. They know how to make math make sense.

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WWBA_1209December 9, 2014: Old National Bank – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Crystal Curtis, Retail Center Manager, Old National Bank – Old National Bank recently merged with United Bank & Trust. Leaders there say together the new entity provides powerful tools and financing for both consumers and businesses.

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WWBA_1202December 2, 2014: Planning for the Costs of College – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Ben Barber, College Planning Partners, L3C – College tuition increases continue to outpace inflation, while competition for increasingly scarce financial aid money is stronger than ever. Savvy parents are learning the secrets of college planning, and saving thousands per year in the process. The American College Funding Association and College Planning Partners are offering free educational workshops that reveal top insider strategies for reducing the cost of college.

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WWBA_1125November 25, 2014: Branding Your Company – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Dave Hile, Owner, Hile Creative – Learn what the most important thing you should be doing to brand your company.

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WWBA_1118November 18, 2014: Year End Tax Planning – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Len Pytlak, CPA – Whether you are an individual or a business owner, there are steps you can take right now to reduce your tax consequences as the end of the year approaches.

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WWBA_1111November 11, 2014: Residential Services for Persons with Disabilities – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Adult Learning Systems-Lower Michigan’s Rachel Anna, Quality Assurance Coordinator/IT Manager, and Julia Tyler, HR Generalist – Adult Learning Systems-Lower Michigan Inc (ALS-LM) is a non-profit organization that provides residential services for persons with disabilities. They have been providing services in the community for over 29 years in Southeastern Michigan, including support services to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities in a community-based setting.

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WWBA_1104November 4, 2014: New Affordable Website Program – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Galina Zwerlein, Founder/Owner, Remote Business Help, LLC – Remote Business Help, which assists companies with website development and online marketing, is launching an affordable website program. Now it’s easy to get your space on the web for business or personal use.

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October 28, 2014: Money Back Supplemental Insurance – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Connie Kelly, Benefits Representative, Family Heritage – Founded in 1989, Family Heritage specializes in cancer and intensive care, heart disease and strokes and accident insurance products that provide benefits beyond traditional health insurance, allowing individuals and families to focus on the patient, not the process. Visit www.familyheritagelife.com or call Connie at 734.645.6210. Click & Listen:

WWBA_1021 October 21, 2014: The Institute of Mental Preparation for Effective Living – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Dr. Thomas Blackwell, Ph.D. and Janet Blackwell, M.A. – IMPEL is a life-coaching company that specializes in seminars and presentations on leadership development, motivation, and organizational effectiveness. Click & Listen:

WWBA_1014October 14, 2014: Get More ROI From Your URL- Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Jayne Burch, Founder/CEO, Marketing Monsoon – This online lead generation expert and web marketing strategist shows us how to pull in, capture, and close more deals automatically and systematically. Visit MarketingMonsoon.com to learn more, or call 866.251.3170. Click & Listen:

WWBA_1007October 7, 2014: The Power of Hypnotherapy- Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Marjorie Farnsworth, Spirit Assist Hypnotherapy If you need to lose weight or want to counter an addiction, you may want to try hypnotherapy. Here’s how it works. Click & Listen:

wwba_930September 30, 2014: Fall Golf – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Patty McCarthy, Co-Owner, Reddeman Farms Golf Club – It might be fall on the calendar, but with summer-like temperatures there is still a lot of golf to play in 2014 at great fall rates. Reddeman Farms Golf Club features a scenic player-friendly layout in a peaceful country setting just west of Ann Arbor. Click & Listen:

WWBA_923September 23, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Steve DiGiuseppe, Owner, Tandem Tile & Stone – The art of installing tile is perfected by this Ann Arbor company. For owner Steve DiGiuseppe, it starts with his professional staff and a dedication to customer service. He recently organized a Construction Trades Workshop to introduce potential employees to the construction trades. Click & Listen:

WWBA_916September 16, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Sports Bar Westside’s Owner Ben Buhr and Manager Jackie Walter – The Sports Bar Westside, which is located on the corner of Jackson and Zeeb Roads, was purchased on June 1, 2012. There have been major renovations done with more to come. With a focus on great food, great service, great drinks, and great viewing, they have some new menu items and drink recipes coming out soon. Click & Listen:

WWBA_902September 2, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Fred Sauer, Founder/Chief Coach, SciStress Learn how stress affects our business and personal life. There are new, ground-breaking options to manage stress and control the impact it has on business, productivity, and the bottom line. WWBA will sponsor a Breakfast Seminar featuring Fred Sauer on September 9, 2014 at 7:30 AM at the BRAG (Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor) Ann Arbor office. Visit www.WWBA.biz for details. Click & Listen:

WWBA_826August 26, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Jerry Adams, Merchant Consultant, Merchant Solutions InternationalThis Michigan-based company can help your company move money swiftly and securely. Click & Listen:

WWBA_819August 19, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Kathy Ford, Boersma Travel In business since 1945, Boersma Travel is now moving its location from the Nickels Arcade to Jackson Road in Ann Arbor. Click & Listen:

WWBA_812August 12, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Denise Acton, Nature’s Remedies – A certified naturopathic doctor, Denise Acton utilizes natural products and acupuncture to heal patients. Click & Listen:

wwba_805August 5, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Doug & Stephanie Schock, New Owners of A-1 RentalThe owners of Dexter Rent-All have now taken over a longtime Ann Arbor rental business. Click & Listen:

wwba_729July 29, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Christopher Juillet, Attorney – From consumer bankruptcy to estate planning, this Ann Arbor attorney can help you navigate life and plan your legacy. A solo-practice attorney, Christopher Juillet has been in the high-tech industry since 1979 as a writer, publisher and consultant. He focuses his law practice on the areas of small business, estate planning, elder care, real estate, Internet, e-commerce and intellectual property law. He holds a Certificate of Completion in the areas of probate and estate planning issued by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan. Visit ArborEstatePlanning.com Click & Listen:

wwba_722July 22, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Galina Zwerlein of Remote Business Help, LLCMost small business owners are buried in governmental paperwork, strategic planning, searching for funds and running a business they felt passionate about to start. They have no time, human resources nor desire to deal with their company website and marketing projects. Remote Business Help is on a mission to help small and start-up companies get on the web and find customers. Click & Listen:

wwba_715July 15, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Allan Cassell, Send Out Cards Send out cards takes greeting cards and gifts from a brick and mortar business to a click and order one. This online greeting card and gift company lets you design it, while they print it and mail it. Click & Listen:

wwba_708July 8, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; George Gaves, Owner/Inspector, WIN Home InspectionA thorough home inspection complete with a detailed report can help home buyers make an informed buying decision. Click & Listen:

wwba_701July 1, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Christine Eleby, Store Owner/Manager, Great Lakes Chocolate & Coffee Company This young entrepreneur is a franchise owner of Great Lakes, where she started as a teenager in the company’s original Sturgis location. She now has plans to renovate the Jackson Avenue location, as well as introduce iced and frozen drinks. Click & Listen:

June 24, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Aaron Peggs, Ann Arbor Country Club Twenty-year food industry veteran, Aaron Peggs, knew the restaurant at AACC needed a drastic make over. Max & Bella’s On The Green officially opened in early 2013 and business has increased by well over 100%. The new management has completely revamped the restaurant and bar at Ann Arbor Country Club. Click & Listen:

wwba_6:17June 17, 2014:  Click & Listen:

wwba_610June 10, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; John Nabozny, General Sales Manager, LaFontaine Buick GMC Click & Listen:

wwba_603June 3, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; CMK Imperial Printing Owners Yolanda Bell and Bill Morales – This one stop shop for media marketing and visual communications gives businesses the solutions they need to succeed. Click & Listen:

wwba_520May 20, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Becky Grasshoff, Owner, Personalized Gift Baskets Whether you send one to an individual or a business, a gift basket helps you say exactly what you want in a very personal way. Click & Listen:

wwba_513May 13, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Kathy Ford, Vacation Travel Consultant, Boersma Travel Soon school will be out for summer and families will be planning their get-aways. After a long, hard winter, it’s time to play! Click & Listen:

wwba_506May 6, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Skip Anderson, Varsity Ford Self-described as a farm boy and car collector, Skip Anderson will be 80 years old next year and has loved cars all of his life. He is once again organizing Varsity Ford’s Car Show on Saturday, May 17, a benefit for Mott Children’s Hospital. Click & Listen:

wwba_429April 29, 2014: Pat McKeon, WWBA Board/VP Northstar Bank; Diana Kuenzli, Polo Fields This Ann Arbor country club is supporting the fundraising efforts of North Star Reach, as part of the newly created Polo Fields Foundation. Click & Listen:

April 22, 2014: Rural Lending – Paul Larned, VP, WWBA; Andrew Kudwa, GreenStone Farm Credit Services – One of America’s largest rural lenders, Greenstone is the country’s sixth largest association in the Farm Credit System. Click & Listen:

wwba_417April 15, 2014: Pat McKeon, WWBA Board / VP, Northstar Bank; Matt Stanford, Varsity Ford – This family-owned business on Ann Arbor’s westside has been operation since 1981. This year marks Varsity Ford’s 7th Annual Car Show to benefit Mott Children’s Hospital. Click & Listen:

April 1, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP / The Larned Group; Jason Gaus, Owner, Lumina Sanare Healing Center; Rachel Tice, Massage Therapist – Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and massage are all part of the offerings at this new center. Click & Listen:

March 25, 2014: Pat McKeon, WWBA Board / VP, Northstar Bank; Jerry Boquette, Founder, Daily Rain – Tips on keeping your lawn hydrated. Click & Listen:

March 18, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Charles (Chuck) King, Insider Telecom – The ever-changing telecommunications landscape gives businesses more choices in phone service. Insider Telecom provides small businesses throughout the Ann Arbor area with phone systems and service. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and JJ LeeMarch 4, 2014: West Washtenaw Business Association: Trademarks – Paul Larned, WWBA VP; J.J. Lee, Trademark Law Firm Everyone who runs a business has a trademark or brand. Is yours protected? Click & Listen:

wwba_225February 25, 2014: Pat McKeon, WWBA Board / VP, Northstar Bank; Len Ptylak, CPA – It’s tax time. Learn about the child and dependent care credits, student loan interest deductions, and how to set-up installment payments when you cannot pay in full. Click & Listen:

wwba_218February 18, 2014: Paul Larned, VP, WWBA; Terrance (Terry) Parsons, Certified Insurance Counselor – Cobb-Hall Insurance Group – As an independent agency, Cobb-Hall Insurance represents a significant number of insurance carriers. Click & Listen:

wwba_211February 11, 2014: Paul Larned, VP, WWBA; Dave Hile, Hile Creative – The WWBA hosts a free seminar on how to brand your business for its members tonight. Learn how to define your brand platform and develop marketing strategies. Click & Listen:

February 4, 2014: Rick Stites, Past President, WWBA; Pat McKeon, Vice President, Northstar Bank – Since Northstar Bank opened in 2001, Northstar Bank has grown its assets to more than $460 million and is a top-rated bank. Now it’s entered the Ann Arbor market, offering a private bank approach to all of its customers. Click & Listen:

January 21, 2014: Rick Stites, Past President, WWBA; Sue Maher, Owner, Moxie Graphics – The tips you need to know to make your business get noticed. Click & Listen:

January 14, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA VP; Katy Miller, Doctor of Chiropractic / Life’s Journey Family Chiropractic – An avid horseback rider as a youth positioned Katy Miller for her career in chiropractic. Click & Listen:

January 7, 2014: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Sharon Lagina, Lagina Marketing – This online service helps you send personalized, printed (real) greeting cards and gifts. In less than 60 seconds, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your message, and send. Click & Listen:

December 17, 2013: Rick Stites, President, WWBA; Sue Salaniuk, Owner, The Yoga Space – How Yoga can give you a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment. Click & Listen:

December 10, 2013: Rick Stites, President, WWBA; Bridget Barnes, Ace Barnes Hardware – Your local hardware store is more than hammers, nails, and screws. It can also offer you unique gift items. Click & Listen:

December 3, 2013: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Jason Smith, Owner, Adventures in Home Brewing – Everything you need to create your own beer. Click & Listen:

November 19, 2013: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; James Craig, Investment Solution Services – Learn how to reach your financial goals and become financially independent. Click & Listen:

November 12, 2013: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Gary & Kate Ernsting, Owners, Ophir Crafts – Ophir Crafts is a gift specialty in the Westgate Shopping Center in Ann Arbor. Ophir Crafts features fine crafts and artisan creations from local artists as well as Fair Trade international items from world cultures that have preserved fine crafting. They also teach crafting, family crafts and kid crafts: knitting, crocheting, felting, quilting, doll making, and DIY cards and gifts. Click & Listen:

November 5, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Envisioning & Achieving Your Business’s Potential – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Laurie Kokmeyer, Owner, Realize Websites  – Realize Websites creates websites for your business or organization and assists with your social media, email marketing campaigns, computer training, and more.  Learn how to use the tools available to get you ahead in business. Click & Listen: 

October 29, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Ann Arbor’s Commercial Real Estate Market –  Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Gene Michaelson, Director, KW Commercial – We take a look at the commercial real estate market and what’s selling right now.  KW Commercial’s Gene Michaelson has 35 plus years of business in the industry. Click & Listen:

October 22, 2013: Paul Larned, WWBA Board; El Harissa Market Café Owners Khaled Houamed and Susan Thomas – Fare inspired by the cuisines of North Africa and Mediterranean Europe is offered at the new El Harissa Market Café. The managing partners are a husband and wife duo, who say their food is healthy, flavorful, and moderately priced. Click & Listen:

Eman Boykin and Rick StitesOctober 1, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Beyond the Badge –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Eman Boykin, Dealer Operator, LaFontaine Automotive Group – A new online TV series showcasing the work of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s department  is proving to be no ordinary cop show. BeyondTheBadge.TV gives you a unique look inside of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and an appreciation for the men & women who dedicate their lives to serving the community. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Larry Murphy September 24, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:   Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Larry Murphy, Owner, Precision Controls Located in Scio Township on Ann Arbor’s west side, Precision Controls does $1 million in sales annually.  All of its products use a special metal alloy called “bimetal”.  There are only a few companies around the world that even know how to use such a metal. Click & Listen:

Doug KingSeptember 17, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: New Energy Trends – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Doug King, ProEnergy Learn how to make your home and your office comfortable and energy efficient.  Pro Energy Consultants has earned the service industry-coveted 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award. The award is given to approximately 5 percent of all companies rated on Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Shanna BussaSeptember 10, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Homeless Families in Washtenaw County – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Shanna Bussa, Development Coordinator, Alpha House Alpha House is a shelter in Ann Arbor for children and their families.  But it’s also much more than that.  Alpha House’s goal is to support the families in securing and maintaining their own home.  Gimme Shelter is a community fundraising event for Alpha House at WCC’s Morris Lawrence Building, September 28, 2013.  The evening includes a silent auction, wine pull, entertainment and a dessert buffet.  Visit www.alphahouse-ihn.org for details. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Jacqueline JacksonSeptember 3, 2013:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Former Pfizer Employee Takes Leap of Faith – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Jacqueline Jackson, Director, J’spaa – Like many at the time, former Pfizer employee Jacqueline Jackson wondered what was next after her company folded its operations and moved out of Ann Arbor.  That downsizing turned into a new direction when she decided to open her own business. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned Jackie Barnes and Ben BuhrAugust 27, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  New Life for Westside Establishment – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Ben Buhr, Co-Owner, & Jackie Barnes, General Manager, The Sports Bar Westside (formerly Banfield’s Westside) This popular Ann Arbor sports bar was purchased in the summer of last year by Ben Buhr, his father Rick Buhr, and their business partner Tony Bonino.  The place has undergone major renovations and the trio says more are to come. Click & Listen:

August 20, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business AssociationBeyond the Badge – Rick Stites, President, WWBA; Eman Boykin, General Manager, LaFontaine Buick GMC A new online web-video series focused on the men and women who dedicate their lives to working for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office makes its debut later this month.  The aim of the show is to take viewers beyond the badge and share the stories of strength and hope in the line of duty.  Beyond the Badge is being made possible thanks to the local LaFontaine dealerships in Ann Arbor, Dexter, and Saline. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites August 2013Rob TerbushAugust 13, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Tailgating Made Easy:  Rick Stites, President, WWBA; Rob Terbush, Owner, Holiday’s Restaurant Michigan has been practicing all summer long.  Now, it’s time or tailgaters to get game-ready. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Marjorie FarnsworthJuly 30, 2013:   West Washtenaw Business AssociationPaul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Marjorie Farnsworth, Certified Hypnotherapist, Spirit Assist Hypnotherapy Quick, drug-free, and entirely natural, clinical hypnotherapy may be the answer for managing pain, stress, weight loss, smoking cessation, and even phobias. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Doug WhiteJuly 16, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Golf – Take Your Game to the Next Level – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Doug White, Director of Instruction, Reddeman Farms Golf & Country Club After a 30 year career inn golf operations as PGA Head Professional at Barton Hills Country Club and Ann Arbor Golf & Outing, Doug White is continuing his passion for the game at Reddeman Farms.  He also introduces us to a new version of the game, using a device called the big cup. Click & Listen:

Laura Spensley and Paul Larned July 2013July 9, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Waterlogged – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Laura Spensley, Owner, SERVPRO Washtenaw County and SERVPRO Canton An unusually wet year has wreaked havoc on many properties impacted by flooding and sewer back-ups.   Find out what you need to know about mitigation and restoration efforts to get your property back to its original condition. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Lew Kidder July 2013West Washtenaw Business Association: Special Assessment for Roads (SAD) – Rick Stites, President, WWBA Board; Lew Kidder, Chair, Scio Township Local Roads Advisory Committee – Scio Township is considering the creation of a township-wide special assessment for road repairs.  Situated west of Ann Arbor, the township has a population of more than 20,000 people. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Brian Biskner June 2013June 25, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: New Cellular Technologies – Rick Stites, President, WWBA Board; Brian Biskner, Wireless Zone Ann Arbor The cellular world is changing rapidly and impacting how we communicate and live our lives.  We learn the latest on Verizon’s 4G roll-out (learn the differences between 3G and 4G) and new technologies like Sure Response, which allows you to get emergency aid at or away from home. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Kristine ReedJune 18, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  What Businesses Needs to Know About Insurance – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Kristine Reed, Ann Arbor Insurance Centre When is the last time you did a risk analysis for your business?  Learn about your professional liabilities, your exposure to risk, and how you can protect your business.  Ann Arbor Insurance Centre was started in 1980 and was recently purchased by University Bank and merged with their Independent Agency,University Insurance & Investment Services. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Todd Bailey June 2013June 11, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Jackson Road Cruise – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Todd Bailey, Dunning Toyota Cruise on over to the west side of town for the 5th Annual Jackson Road Cruise.  The event is slated for Saturday, July 13 and will feature a parade of cars that span the ages. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites 3Dave HileJune 4, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Dave Hile, Hile Design A creative design firm in Ann Arbor has won the Silver Creative Award at the International Summit 2013 for an animation promoting Scio Township’s Business District.  Hile Design developed this animated video as a snapshot of who’s doing business in Scio Township on Ann Arbor, Michigan’s west side and what draws them there. It will be used as a promotional tool on the Scio Township website and by area commercial realtors and volunteer advocates when they speak to business owners looking for a great location to establish their companies. View the video here, click the link below to listen to our interview. Click & Listen: 

Alex TeskaMay 28, 2013: West Washtenaw Business Association: Gift of Sight – Alex Teska, Community Engagement Associate, Michigan Eye-Bank; Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; John Krienke, Ph.D., Secretary, Michigan Eye-Bank Board of Directors/Ann Arbor Host Lions Club The first successful cornea transplant was performed in Austria in 1905.  Across the ocean a few decades later, John Woodworth Henderson began his medical internship at the University of Michigan. Several years later Dr. Henderson’s interest in the cornea – and the transplantation process – would eventually provide the clinical basis for the formation of the Michigan Eye-Bank.  The Michigan Eye-Bank is hosting the Gift of Sight Golf Outing on Saturday, June 15.  Click here for details. Click & Listen:

Dr. Katy Miller Paul Larned Dr. Sarah WilkinsonMay 21, 2013:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Animal Chiropractic – Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors; Dr. Katy Miller and Dr. Sarah  Wilkinson, Co-Owners of Life’s Journey Family Chiropractic – Animal Chiropractic is a field of animal health care that focues on the health and preservation of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.  The nervous system controls everything that happens in your animal, impacting your animal’s entire well-beibng and quality of life. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Eric BrowerMay 14, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: New Auto Dealership –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Eric Brower, Retail Operations Manager, Suburban Fiat & Suburban Chrysler Jeep of Ann Arbor There are only three Fiat dealerships in the state of Michigan and the newest one opened up earlier this year on Ann Arbor’s west side.  The Suburban Collection now operates three dealerships in Ann Arbor, and is committed to community involvement. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Gyll StanfordMay 7, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Building Homes Paul Larned, WWBA Board/The Larned Group; Gyll Stanford, Owner, Stanford Enterprises As a child, Gyll Stanford built tree houses and even created an automobile from pieces and parts.  Today he owns Stanford Enterprises, a full-service design-build-remodeler. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Sherry AustinApril 30, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: hibu – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Sherry Austin, Client Services Executive, hibu – As a digital media marketing specialist and advertising consultant, Sherry has helped many businesses in  the Ann Arbor area over the years with their client retention and business promotion.  She explains how hibu, whose origins date back to the first Yellow Book, helps consumers buy local. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Todd Bailey   April 23, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Auto Market Expansion – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Todd Bailey, Dunning ToyotaDunning Toyota is undergoing a $2.5 million renovation, adding 10,000 square feet to its Ann Arbor operations. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Julie ColeApril 16, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  A Move to the Westside –  Paul Larned, WWBA Board / Owner, The Larned Group; Julie Cole, Senior Advertising Executive, The Ann Arbor Observer After decades in downtown Ann Arbor, The Ann Arbor Observer recently bought a building across town, moving its operations to Winewood (near Top of the Lamp and Stadium Opticians.) Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Trent StephensApril 9, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: West Stadium Blvd.’s Little Caesars –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Trent Stephens, Owner Ever since he was tall enough to reach the ovens, Trent Stephens has been working side-by-side with his dad, Kevin Stephens, at their Little Caesars on Ann Arbor’s west side.  Their franchise is considered more of a mom-and-pop operation.  The store was originally opened by Kevin’s dad, Harry, and his uncle, Jerry, in 1964. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites Richard Westbury and Terry WaltersApril 2, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Lions Convention Comes to Ann Arbor –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Lions Club’s Richard Westbury and Terry WaltersThe District Convention for all 41 Lions Clubs in District 11-B1 will be held in Ann Arbor, April 19-21.  Nearly 300 Lions will gather at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center on Ann Arbor’s west side for the event. Click & Listen:

Paul Larned and Laura MorrisMarch 12, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Re-Manufacturing of Printer Ink – Paul Larned, WWBA Board Member; Laura Morris, Owner, Cartridge World This locally-owned printer supply business has three principles:  Reuse, Remanufacture, and Recycle.  We find out how Cartridge World is able to provide ink cartridges, toner, and other printing supplies at a great savings to the consumer and the environment. Click & Listen:

John Krienke Rick Stites Gerald RickertMarch 5, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Blind Bowling Tournament Coming to Ann Arbor – John Krienke , Ann Arbor Host Lions Club; Rick Stites, WWBA President; Gerald Rickert, Ann Arbor Blind Bowlers Association – Blinded at age 17, Gerald Rickert managed to graduate from high school and obtain both his undergraduate and Master’s degrees.  He now works at the VA Medical Center in Ann Arbor as a Blind Specialist and is organizing a huge event coming up in Ann Arbor.  It’s the 56th Annual MBBA Midwest Blind Bowling Tournament sponsored by the Ann Arbor Blind Bowlers Association, which isGerald Rickert and Chester expecting the largest attendance in more than a decade.  For more info about the event, which is scheduled for March 22-24, 2013 at WWBA member Bel-Mark Lanes, click here. Click & Listen:

Gerald Rickert with his guide dog, Chester.             February 26, 2013:     Paul Larned and Jeff MorrisFebruary 19, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Recovering Lost Data:  Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Jeff Morris, Owner, Call Your Help Desk Call Your Help Desk specializes in computer and printer support, including networking, hardware troubleshooting and repair, as well as virus removal and sales.  One of their specialties is recovering datat from dead or dying hard drives. Click & Listen:

Rick Stites and Christine ElebyFebruary 12, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Chocolate & Coffee:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Christine Eleby, Franchise Owner, Great Lakes Coffee and ChocolateThey started as a chocolate retailer and soon began roasting their own coffee as well.  Today Great Lakes Chocolate & Coffee Co. is looking to partner with others interested in owning their own Café as they expand across the region. Click & Listen:

    February 5, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; John Anderson, CPA/Founder, 7th Rule Accounting – This full-service wealth management firm prepares your taxes and works with you to establish a plan for good money management. Learn the seven rules that will give you a smarter outlook on money, savings, and wealth. Click & Listen:

January 29, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Starting Your Own Franchise – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Jay Mehta, Franchise Consultant, Selectright Inc./Keller Williams Realty – Jay Mehta has owned and operated several franchises over the past fifteen years and now is focused on providing consulting for others who are interested in starting or running a business. If you have ever wondered how to buy a franchise, how much they cost, and which ones give you the most return on your investment, this interview is for you. Click & Listen:

  January 22, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Using Technology to Make Your Business More Profitable  – Rick Stites, President, WWBA; Brian Biskner, Verizon Wireless Zone – Keeping up with the latest technology helps you work smarter.  Learn what 4G is and who has it, the latest smart phones, and how shared plans for families and businesses can save you money. Click & Listen:

  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Long Term Care Insurance – Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Walter Garff, Long Term Care Insurance Agent Walt Garff says long term care is simply a natural consequence of living in a modern, aging society.   He emphasizes that 70% of us are now lingering, only 30% are dying quickly.  To contact Walt Garff, call 734.747.7036. Click & Listen:

  January 10, 2013:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Sun & Snow Sports – Rick Stites, President, WWBA; Mary Fisher, Swim Director, Sun & Snow Sports – A winter warm up is coming later this week with temperatures scaling toward 50 degrees.  Sun & Snow Sports has you covered no matter what the temperature.  They have increased their swimming offerings, which is a growing trend for a business known for snow skis and winter sports. Click & Listen:

October 23, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: The Story Behind the Family-Owned Quarter Bistro & Original Cottage Inn –  Tim Patino, GM – The first Cottage Inn restaurant opened its doors at 512 East William in Ann Arbor in 1948. This restaurant has had the distinction of being the first restaurant in Ann Arbor to serve pizza.  The family also owns The Quarter Bistro, which boasts a chef who is a master of seven cuisines. Click & Listen:

October 16, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Controversy over Compounding –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Sahar Swidan, Owner/CEO, Pharmacy SolutionsThe recent meningitis outbreak linked to injections for back pain has many questioning whether the compounding of drugs should be better regulated. Click & Listen:

October 9, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Job Fair  –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Kate Henson, Director of Programs, The LEAD Institute – An upcoming job fair in Ann Arbor is being billed as a way to stimulate the economy in Southeastern Michigan, make local employers successful, and get the unemployed and under-employed back to work. The Job Fair is Wednesday, October 17 from 10 AM-4 PM at Washtenaw Community College’s Morris Lawrence Building. Click & Listen:


October 2, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Scio Township Water Management –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Scott Martin, Scio Township Utilities Manager: Scio Township draws its water from the City of Ann Arbor.  With the growth the township has been experiencing, what would happen if the need is greater than the capacity agreement between the two governmental units? Click & Listen:

      September 19, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Ann Arbor’s Commercial Real Estate Market –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Bob Andrus, Michigan Commercial RealtyAn update on the changing face of the Ann Arbor’s commercial real estate. Click & Listen:

August 14, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Home Property Inspection – Paul Larned, Owner, The Larned Group / WWBA Board Member; George Gaves, Owner, WIN Home Inspection Learn how property inspection sevices are conducted for prospective buyers, listings, and new construction. Click & Listen:

August 7, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business AssociationBig George’s Home Appliance Mart  –  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Chad Adam, Big George’s – From refrigerators to stoves and washers, we learn about the current trends in the high efficiency appliance market. Click & Listen:

July 3, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Trends in Grilling – Rick Stites, WWBA President; Patrick Redman, Big Georges’ Grillmaster  Find out how your grill techniques stack up against Big Georges’ Grillmaster, who shows us how to  have a flavorful and fun 4th of July.   (Have you heard about the Big Green Egg?) Click & listen:

June 19, 2012:  Paul Larned, WWBA Board; Jerry Gillikin, Molecular Hydration Specialist – Kangen WaterA retired financial institution CEO, Jerry Gillikin is the first person to introduce Kangen Water to Michigan.  Billed as high alkaline, high antioxidant, and super hydrated water, it’s produced through an Enagic unit for the home that has been used in Japan for more than forty years. Click & listen:

June 12, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Grand Opening of Culver’s – Rick Stites, WWBA President On July 18, 1984, Craig Culver and his family converted a former A&W root beer stand in Wisconsin and christened it “Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers.” Nearly three decades later, Ann Arbor finally gets its own Culver’s on Ann Arbor’s west side. Rick reports in from the grand opening and we also talk with the local franchise owner of the new Culver’s. Click & listen:

May 15, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Business Property Insurance: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Patrick L. Grace, Kleinschmidt Insurance The Ann Arbor area has dealt with several business embezzlement cases over the last few years. Find out how you can protect your company through employee dishonesty coverage for business owners. Click & listen:

May 8, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Swing Into Spring Benefit for The Women’s Center: Jenn Cornell, Board Chair, The Jean Ledwith King Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan This small, grassroots non-profit assists more than 600 women, girls and families every year, offering a critical safety net of integrated services, including personal counseling, job coaching, and financial counseling. The Women’s Center is hosting Swing into Spring, a benefit fundraiser, on Friday, May 11 at Barton Hills Country Club. Click & listen:

May 1, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Select Ride – Kaitlyn Reid, Assistant to the President, & Kristin Persu, Director of Driver Development; and Rick Stites, WWBA President – Select Ride’s origins date back to the 1930s as Yellow Cab taxi service. Today the Ann Arbor company not only provides taxi rides, but also airport shuttles, limousine services, and accessible transportation. Kaitlyn and Kristin tells us their dad started out as a driver and is now the president and co-owner of the company. Click & listen:

April 24, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Paul Larned, WWBA Board of Directors/Larned & Associates; Skip Anderson, Car Show Organizer – Varsity Ford Car Show: When Skip Anderson was a little boy his father owned a gas station in Detroit. Now approaching 80 years old, Skip doesn’t have to reach into the far recesses of his mind to recall that station. All he has to do is step out his back door. Click & listen:

April 17, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Tim Patino, WWBA Board of Directors; Debbie Baxter, Just Baked – After working at the Just Baked cupcake shop and bakery, Debbie Baxter convinced the owners to franchise the Westgate Shopping Center location to her. Just Baked offers more than 50 flavors of jumbo gourmet cupcakes, all of which are made fresh daily. With their cupcake towers and chandeliers, and even one cupcake called Fat Elvis, creativity should be listed on the ingredients at Just Baked. Click & listen:

April 10, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Jocelyn VerLee, Owner, BreedAbove, Inc. Located in the old Coleman’s Produce Station on Ann Arbor’s westside, this new entrepreneur’s business offers a full service pet salon, spa, training and education classes, and hotel. Click & listen:

April 3, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Paul Larned, WWBA Board Member / Larned Associates; Cheryl O’Brien, Account Executive, Benz Insurance Agency – Business Insurance: Are you a business owner who is frustrated with the high cost of insuring your assets and dealing with multiple agencies for your insurance needs? Cheryl tells us why it pays to work with a full service independent insurance agency. Click & listen:

March 27, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Tim Patino, WWBA Board/General Manager, Quarter Bistro/The Original Cottage Inn – Rocking, Rolling, & Strolling: Westside Ann Arbor businesses are banding together to raise money for the Dexter Tornado Relief Fund. The WWBA is spearheading the fundraiser, hosted at Belmark Lanes on Tuesday, April 10 from 6-10 PM. Click & listen:

March 20, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Brian Biskner, Wireless ZoneWhich wireless carrier provides the best service?  Brian Biskner explains the differences between Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.  We also learn about new wireless technology trends for businesses. Click & listen:

March 13, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association – Blueprint to End Homelessness:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Julie Steiner, Executive Director, Washtenaw Housing Alliance –  In 2004 a ten-year plan to end homelessness in Washtenaw County was launched.  With two years to go, Julie Steiner helps us take stock of the current affordable housing stock and the plans to increase it.  In addition, we talk about Camp Take Notice, a group of homeless persons living on state land near M-14 on Ann Arbor’s west side.  Why can’t they find housing? Click & listen:

March 6, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Diane Kerr, Owner, Dairy Queen (West Stadium Blvd.; E. Michigan Ave.) – That famous soft serve ice cream was first developed back in 1938.  1,600 servings were sold within two hours on the first day of sales.  Diane and her husband, Kevin, have owned the Stadium Blvd. Dairy Queen for 34 years and the E. Michigan Ave. Dairy Queen for 24 years.  She gives us a glimpse behind the cone. Click & listen:

February 28, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Chad Mickle, Gadget Guru, Big George’s – Automating Your House:  We’ve all done it.  Left the house only to realize that we left the garage door open and lights on.  Chad Mickle tells us about a way to control your home environment even when you are not at home.  Big George’s sells a product called Control4, which easily allows you to save energy, time, and money by keeping your home as close as your Android or iPhone. Click & listen:

February 21, 2012: West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Bob Andrus, Michigan Commercial RealtyMAV Development’s recent purchase of the former Proquest building in Scio Township is about to offer a new look to that area. Bob Andrus tells us what to expect. In addition, he takes us around the Ann Arbor region for a look at what’s developing in commercial real estate. Click & Listen:

February 14, 2012: West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Tim Galea, Owner of Norton’s Flowers & Gifts – Valentine’s Day Sales: Is love really in the air on this lover’s holiday? Tim Galea of Norton’s Flowers, which has been delivering love-filled bouquets for 120 years, helps us take the pulse of beating hearts on a day which traditionally is a bang-up for business. Click & Listen:

        January 31, 2012:   West Washtenaw Business Association:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Robert Lovelace, Marketing Manager, Sun & Snow SportsHave you heard of longboarding?  Robert Lovelace tells us it’s the next big outdoor sports rage.  Think paddle boarding without the water!  With two locations (Ann Arbor & Plymouth), Sun & Snow Sports has the expertise to outfit you for winter and summer fun in Michigan. Click & Listen:

January 24, 2012:  West Washtenaw Business AssociationRick Stites, WWBA President – Hear about Ann Arbor’s west side area businesses and learn more about the advantages of joining this active business association. Click & Listen:

January 17, 2012: West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; John & Laura Spensley, Owners of SERVEPRO of Washtenaw County and Canton – This 24-hour fire and water clean-up and restoration service is one of the top franchises in the country, listed as #4 in the Entrepreneur’s Annual Franchise 500 list. One of the keys to SERVEPRO’s success locally is that owners John and Laura Spensley are heavily invested in community-minded projects, and they understand what it means to give back. Click & Listen:

January 10, 2012: West Washtenaw Business Association:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Dr. Sahar Swidan, Pharmacy Solutions– The independent pharmacy in today’s health care industry.

Click & Listen:

December 13, 2011:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Scio Township Fire Chief Carl Ferch – With 24 years of knowledge of running a township fire department, Chief Ferch weighs in on public safety budget struggles and the future of fire services. Click & Listen:

Business Association:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Bonnie Billups, Executive Director of Peace Neighborhood CenterPeace Neighborhood Center has been serving Ann Arbor area children, families, and adults for 40 years.  Bonnie Billups manages this remarkable organization from a unique perspective; he was one of those kids served by Peace four decades ago.

Click & Listen:


November 29, 2011:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Nancy Merdzinski, Executive Officer, Ann Arbor Board of Realtors; Kay Merx, AABOR President/Office Manager, Real Estate One Saline/Milan – The Ann Arbor Area Housing Market – With home sales up 5% over last year, the Ann Arbor housing market is improving.  We take a look at who’s buying and what’s in the housing inventory. Click & Listen:

November 22, 2011:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Bridget Barnes, Ace Barnes Hardware Getting ready to entertain this season? Looking for unique gift items? Take a stroll through one of the two Ace Barnes Hardware locations in Ann Arbor and you’ll find some must-have and most unique items anywhere. Click & Listen:

  November 15, 2011:  West Washtenaw Business Association – Nell & Marianna Narowski, Owners of Amish Tables – Amish Furniture has launched a new business-to-business program with new financing options geared to the business market. Click & Listen:

November 8, 2011:  West Washtenaw Business Association: Rick Stities, WWBA President; Cathy Sionkowski, TDS Market Manager – New Technologies TDS Offers to Businesses:  Managed services brings econonies of scale to businesses.  TDS says you can realize all the benefits of a high-end system without all the cost and hassle. Click & Listen:

November 1, 2011: Tim Patino, Board Member of WWBA and General Manager at The Quarter Bistro and The Original Cottage Inn – After increasing business at the highly touted Quarter Bistro, Tim Patino has added duties of managing another Ann Arbor mainstay, The Original Cottage Inn.  He talks about the branding of a restaurant’s identity, and how important relationships are.  In addition, he gives us an update on how the WWBA is reaching out to the community through its new “WWBA Cares” program. Click & Listen:

October 25, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; Doug King, ProEnergy – Going Green:  How to save green and go green for your home. Click & Listen:

October 18, 2011: Rick Stites, WWBA President; Ryan Colby, Next Door Neighbor Marketing, Inc – How business owners can maximize the return on investment of their online marketing. Click & Listen:

September 20, 2011:  West Washtenaw Business Association:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Len Pytlak, CPA:  Tax Changes & Implications– The elimination of the Michigan Business Tax,  and President Obama’s plan to implement the “Buffet Rule” to tax the rich.

Click & Listen:

September 13, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Jason Smith, Co-Owner, Adventures in Homebrewing Adventures in Homebrewing has all of the makings and supplies for home brews, wine, and even soda at its new location on Jackson Road.  (Ironically, in the old Rave Wine Distributors building which also use to house the old Hamm Beer distributor!)

Click & Listen:

September 6, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Nicole Adelman, Director of Interfaith Hospitality Network-Alpha House – Perched on Ann Arbor’s westside, this homeless center each year shelters up to 40 families and provides ongoing support services to an additional 20-30 families in the Home-Based Support Program.  Last year 100% of the families who left Alpha House with permanent housing were still successfully housed one year later. Click & Listen:

August 30, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Bryan Wickersham, GM, Clarion Hotel & Conference Center on Jackson Road – Now under new management, westside Ann Arbor’s Clarion Hotel is being refurbished & updated. Click & Listen:

August 23, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Todd Goring, Manager, Tractor Supply Store – With nearly a thousand stores across the nation, the newest Tractor Supply Store opened earlier this year on Ann Arbor’s west side.   Merchandise includes items for horses, livestock and pets, as well as agricultural products and tools. Click & Listen:

August 2, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Richard Simtob, Owner of Ann Arbor’s Goldfish Swim SchoolThe brainchild of a husband & wife out of Birmingham, Michigan, Goldfish Swim School is now franchising its learn to swim business concept that offers state-of-the-art indoor aquatic facilities for children 4 months & up.  Richard Simtob is the franchise owner in Ann Arbor. Click & Listen:

August 2, 2011:  Rick Stites, WWBA President; & Nicola Rooney, Owner of Nicola’s Books  – She went from being a Chemical Engineer to opening her own independent book store in 1995.  Nicola Rooney has managed to compete with the Big Box Book stores, such as Borders, which recently liquidated.  She talks about the business of books and what’s next for her industry. Click & Listen: