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Downsize Your Snacks (cut calories without missing them)

Health Talk Tip of the Week – Saturday March 20, 2010
Meijer Healthy Living Advisor Tina Miller, MS RD

One great way to put the squeeze on calories is to reduce the size of your snacks. Cornell University researchers found that “the bigger the package, the more you’ll eat” – up to 45% more; that extra handful of chips (yep, even baked chips) can add an extra 150 calories to your day. Try these ideas instead:
-Buy snacks in individual snack size bags (about 1 oz. servings) or buy 100 calorie packs
-Better yet, make your own individual snacks and save money too! Buy Meijer brand snack size food storage bags to pre-portion your snacks (no nibbling while you’re portioning out into bags!) Use this method for salty snacks and for sweets, like cookies.
-Be aware of calories – one Oreo is about 52 calories (that’s about a 1/2 mile walk to burn off those calories). Mindful eating will help you control your calorie intake.
-However, the best snack idea is to fill up on fiber – especially during mid-day. Snack on berries, apples and pears (or other fruit) and crunchy vegetables. In mid-afternoon, a whole grain cereal with a few berries and skim milk is a satisfying snack that will keep you full until dinner.

What’s your favorite way to trim out a few calories without feeling deprived?