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Lucy Ann Lance Business Insider, 1290 WLBY – Friday, April 6, 2012

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Main Street Area Association– Downtown Real Estate:  Maura Thomson, MSAA Executive Director;  Jim Curtis, Curtis Commercial– Specializing in downtown Ann Arbor real estate space, Curtis Commercial began in 1947 when George G. Curtis, a Greek immigrant, bought his first building and named it The Curtis Building.  Today, his sons Jim and John along with their sons, own the company and many of the buildings that house our downtown businesses.
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Around the Home: Does Solar Make Sense in Michigan: Pete Nowakowski, BRAG Ann Arbor Marketing/Communications Director; Steve Bredernitz, Owner, Bredernitz Professional Services– Licensed Michigan builder Steve Bredernitz believes solar energy will not completely replace our dependence on fossil fuels, but says it can help. He says a residential solar array can be attractive and meet those restrictive homeowner association rules and increase the value of a home. As the price of solar panels comes down, installation costs will decrease, making this energy upgrade even more attractive. Steve specializes in remodeling and home improvement services. Steve is also a part-time instructor at Washtenaw Community College where he teaches remodeling classes.
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Jackson Avenue Lane Conversion: Jane Lumm, Ann Arbor City Councilmember (I-2nd Ward) – Ann Arbor’s Jackson Avenue is slated for resurfacing in the next couple of years, and now City Council is requesting that the Michigan Department of Transportation change it from four to three wider lanes. Proponents say it would improve traffic flow and safety, but opponents question that. Some charge it’s just a way to push an agenda to add bike lanes, making that stretch of road on Ann Arbor’s west side even more dangerous.
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Downtown Association of YpsilantiDave Heikkinen, DAY President; Angela Barbash, Founder/Chief Consultant, Reconsider – Aligning Finances with Values:  Angela Barbash at one time managed people’s money as a licensed securities investor.  Now she helps them become educated and informed stewards of their assets by offering financial consulting services through her new company called Reconsider. Her mission is to attract and engage people passionate about their community, education, and economics who want to support an independent, resilient, and sustainable local economy.  You may recall that Angela is also with the New West Willow Neighborhood Association board, a community that has worked aggressively to make their homefront safer through citizen patrols and other vigilante efforts.  We ask her about her take on the death of Trayvon Martin, who died after an encounter with a Neighborhood Watch person in Florida.
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