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The Lucy Ann Lance Show, 1290 WLBY – Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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GM Pension or Lump Sum?  Leon LaBrecque, Managing Founder & Partner, LJPR/ Attorney, CPA, CFP, CFA – If you are a General Motors retiree you most likely have a big decision on your mind.  GM Pension or lump sum?  General Motors introduced a plan this week to reduce its pension liability by nearly 30 Billion dollars. GM will provide select U.S. salaried retirees a lump-sum payment offer and other retirees with a continued monthly pension. Approximately 42,000 salaried retirees and surviving beneficiaries are eligible for the lump-sum offer.  In addition to GM, Ford Motor Company is also going to be offering buyouts to salaried retirees in August.

General Motors Retiree Lump Sum Buyout Owner’s Manual from LJPR

Ford Retiree Lump Sum Buyout Owner’s Manual from LJPR

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Saline Area  Chamber of Commerce:   Art Trapp, Chamber Executive Director;
Chase Stanton, Station Manager, SCTN
Saline Community Television Network is planning on making a few changes in the upcoming years.  Its programs, which are telecast on Channel 18 in Saline, center around the schools and the community and are often produced with production help from Saline students.  SCTN Station Manager Chase Stanton updates us on what’s ahead for his operation.
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Wellness Wednesday:  Graves’ Eye Disease:  Dr. Raymond S. Douglas, M.D., Ph.D., Director, University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center’s Thyroid Eye Clinic – Graves’ Eye Disease, is a potentially debilitating autoimmune disease which attacks the thyroid and can cause severe damage to the eyes along with other health issues.  On Saturday, June 9, the UM Kellogg Eye Center is hosting its third patient education workshop on Graves’ disease and related thyroid disorders.
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Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce:  Janet Larson, Chamber President – Handpainted gopher, eagle, and birdie signs are for sale as a fundraiser for the Chamber’s upcoming golf outing.  Janet tells us whose handiwork is behind these adorable creations.  She also updates us on a world award for one Manchester resident and tells us how you can get free sand for your home sandbox, thanks to the Manchester Men’s Club.  To purchase the golf signs ($25 for the gopher, $50 for the birdie, and $75 for the eagle), call Janet Larson at 734.428.8364.
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Analysis of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Recall Election Victory:  Tom Bevan, Co-Founder/Executive Editor, Real Clear Politics  –  Wisconsin’s Governor is holding onto his job following a divisive effort to oust him from office.  He defeated Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee in the recall attempt that resulted in a total of $60 million in campaign spending.  Has the political war just begun or is this a clear shot for Republicans to take Wisconsin in the Presidential Election in November?
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