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Each Monday at 8:40 AM ET Lucy Ann and Dr. Mielke discuss business ethos as it pertains to current events. Dr. Mielke says, “Making ethics the backbone of teaching makes sense not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because ethics is good for business.”

Ethics education has long been an important component of Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business curriculum. Ethos however, pertains to a culture and environment that not only fosters ethics but is also is based on a strong set of professional and personal values. The students, faculty and staff of the College of Business want to encourage and foster a professional business environment to serve as the foundation for business education.

A gift by the Merlanti family in 2001 provided the impetus to raise awareness of ethics in all we do. The gift was first used to establish the Merlanti Ethics seminar for students . In March 2006, the faculty of the College of Business decided that they wanted to develop a strong statement of the ethics and values that represents the foundation of the college. The resulting Ethos Statement is the first adopted by any business school in the country. It lists six values as the core for the college and is attached to every syllabus for every course offered by the College of Business.

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Do The Right Thing Blog

Why Can’t the Senate Get Anything Done?

By this time we are all aware of the delays and difficulties that the Senate Republicans have been having to get a health care reform bill. But in addition, there has been concern that there has been no apparent work on tax reform, infrastructure and the budget for next year.

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Should Social Security Be Fixed?

The Social Security trust fund is expected to run out of money by the mid 2030s. Without changes to it, benefits would be cut and the payout would only be about 75% of promised benefits.

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Robot Employment Acts

A number of states and municipalities have passed minimum wage laws and advocates have pushed with their protests and marches for $15 an hour. Minimum wage hikes are seen as some sort of panacea for low wage workers. In a recent speech on workforce development by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Yellen, she stated that it is crucial for younger workers to establish a solid connection to employment early in their work lives. Yet, studies have shown that higher minimum wages have reduced entry level jobs, especially for younger workers. Some cities and states that passed higher minimum wage laws are now considering the consequences. Should minimum wages be increased to $15 an hour?

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President Trump received a lot of criticism for what some call a disappointing first 100 days in office. However, what many pundits seem to have overlooked is the steady stream of executive and other actions he put in place to deregulate the economy. Were his moves to deregulate good for the economy? Will these moves improve the business environment? Should the deregulation continue? There are currently 6 bills passed by the House to further ease regulations. Should they be passed by the Senate? What is the “Right Thing to do?”

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Five Deadlines

President Trump emerged from his first 100 days in office with a mixed bag of results. He got his Supreme Court nominee confirmed, but was unable to get an agreement to repeal and replace Obamacare to meet his self imposed deadline last month. Several of his key appointments have not been confirmed and many more nominees have yet to be named. There are questions as to the status of several other campaign promises and whether or not he can deliver. There are 5 key upcoming deadlines that will determine whether or not he will gain the momentum to pass the legislation to fulfill many of those promises. Let’s take a look at those 5 deadlines and determine “What is the “Right Thing to do.”

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April 4, 2016: I Can’t Wait to Retire Dr. David Mielke, Retired Dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University   The Social Security Trust Fund is projected to expire in 2033 putting pressure on a system designed over 75 years ago. Here are several ideas to fix it.   Click & Listen:

Do The Right Thing: February 22, 2016 Interview

February 22, 2016: The Death of Justice Antonin Scalia Now What? – Dr. David Mielke, Retired Dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University   The media seems to be fixated on the Presidential primaries, but there are many other pressing issues facing the nation.     Click & Listen:

Do The Right Thing: February 8, 2016 Interview

February 8, 2016: Out of Sight, Out of Mind Dr. David Mielke, Retired Dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University   The Presidential candidate debates have not addressed the federal deficit and resulting debt. Why has the topic been ignored?   Click & Listen:

Do The Right Thing: January 25, 2016 Interview

January 25, 2016: Brain Drain Dr. David Mielke, Retired Dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University   There are 80,000 jobs posted on Michigan’s employment site. But where are the qualified candidates?     Click & Listen:

Do The Right Thing: January 11, 2016 Interview

January 11, 2016: Compromise Can Work, Can Our Politicians? Dr. David Mielke, Retired Dean of the College of Business at Eastern Michigan University   At the end of 2015, Congress and the President worked together to pass bills and move forward. A new report out on poverty, conducted jointly by conservative and liberal think tanks, more »
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