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Think Local First’s mission is to support and cultivate locally-owned, independent businesses in Washtenaw County, Michigan that are committed to making our community a healthier and more vibrant place to live. Think Local First provides resource sharing and community building opportunities for locally-owned independent businesses as well as raising community awareness and developing strategies for supporting these businesses.

  • Support of Locally-Owned Independent Business: They support the growth and development of local living economy businesses by creating opportunities for business leaders to network and share best practices of sustainable local business.
  • Community Education: They encourage local and sustainable purchasing by county residents and businesses and educate the community about local living economies through our directory, website, newsletter, and events, and through public speaking engagements.
Think Local First
P.O. Box 7961
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Think Local First Interviews:

TLF_1019October 19, 2015: Winter Cardinals Are Here – Chris Good, New TLF Executive Director; Motawi Tileworks’ Christa Quinn, Marketing Director, and Nawal Motawi, Owner – It’s here! Motawi Tileworks’ Holiday 2015 Tile, Winter Cardinals, a lovely scene of cheery red cardinals perched on a pine on a crisp winter day.

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TLF_302May 4, 2015: Indie Awards – Chris Good, TLF Executive Director – It’s time to celebrate our independent businesses, as nominations are being accepted for this year’s Washtenaw Indie Awards.

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TLF_413April 13, 2015: Motor City Copier Crush – Chris Good, TLF Executive Director; Cortney Peters, Marketing, University Office Technologies – Does your office deserve a brand new copier worth $20,000? Would you like to see your old copier drop 60 feet from a crane into a dumpster? Enter University Office Technologies contest and you just might see it all happen on Administrative Professionals Day. Visit:

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TLF_302April 6, 2015: Investing Locally – Chris Good, TLF Executive Director – A concept of empowering local Mom & Pop stores by residents investing in them takes the idea of crowdfunding in a different, and potentially more sustainable, direction.

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TLF_302March 2, 2015: A Boost for Independent Business – Chris Good, TLF Executive Director – Since taking over as the new executive director of Think Local First, Chris Good has been talking with community stakeholders to determine the best strategies for helping independent businesses grow and prosper.

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TLF_202February 2, 2015: Local Food Summit – Keith Soster, Director of Student Engagement at University of Michigan Dining – By 2025 the University of Michigan has a goal of locally-sourcing 20% of the food it utilizes in its student dining services. Currently that percentage is at 12.2%. Here’s how they’re doing it. For more info about the Local Food Summit, visit

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TLF_105January 5, 2015: New Executive Director Selected – Jud Branam, TLF Interim Executive Director; Chris Good, New TLF Executive Director – He’s known as the Wheatgrass Delivery Man and as a singer/songwriter. Now Chris Good has been tapped as the new head of Think Local First.

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TLF_1201December 1, 2014: Holiday Mega Sale – Jud Branam, TLF Executive Director; Christa Quinn, Marketing Director, Motawi Tileworks – Ann Arbor’s Motawi Tileworks is releasing a new art tile at its Holiday Mega Sale on Saturday, December 6. When a new tile comes out at this distinctive American art tile company, it’s always a huge event.

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TLF_1103November 3, 2014: Morgan & York Renovation – Jud Branam, TLF Executive Director; Tommy York & Matt Morgan, Owners of Morgan & York – After 13 years in business, the gourmet food and wine shop Morgan & York has undergone a transformation. The deli was moved up front to a more prominent location and the seating area has been expanded. The owners share their vision and give us an idea of what the future might hold for their company.

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TLF_1006October 6, 2014: Ypsilanti Pop-Up Business Program – Jud Branam, Interim Director, TLF; Charlie Penner, Director , Michigan Small Business Development Center – Pop-Up businesses are retail stores, galleries, or offices that temporarily activate a vacant or under-utilized space. They are used to create low-cost, low-risk opportunities to transform a place quickly for a limited amount of time. Learn more about opportunities to start a Pop-Up Business in Ypsilanti by attending one of two Orientations: Monday, October 6 at 6 PM at B-24’s and Tuesday, October 7 at 9 AM at SPARK East.

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TLF_922September 22, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF Interim Executive Director; Ken McGee, Author of “The Little Brown Jug” – In 1903 a 30 cent, 5-gallon water jug began football’s first rivalry trophy game. Michigan and Minnesota will battle for the Little Brown Jug this week, with the victor winning the prized artifact that started it all. But do you know the real story behind the Little Brown Jug? Click & Listen:

Jud BranamSeptember 15, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF Interim Executive Director – Did you know that every $100 you spend at a local business creates $45 in ongoing local economic activity by re-circulating and supporting local jobs and reinvestment in our community? Click & Listen:

TLF_825August 25, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF Interim Executive Director; Laura Meisler, Homegrown Festival – Farmers and eaters of southeast Michigan come together for a celebration of local food and drink at this annual event which drew more than 3,000 people last year. Held under the historic Ann Arbor Farmers Market pavilion, the seventh annual HomeGrown Festival is Saturday, September 6th, 2014 from 6pm – 10pm. Click & Listen:

TLF_818August 18, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF Interim Executive Director; Nawal Motawi, Owner, Motawi TileworksRenowned for its distinctive American art tiles, Motawi Tileworks has now opened a downtown retail store in partnership with the Ann Arbor Art Center. Click & Listen:

tlf_804August 4, 2014: Jud Branam, Interim Executive Director; Brad Brief, Offerznow & EnlightenThe coupon/circular model in the digital age. Click & Listen:

TLF_728July 28, 2014: Jud Branam, Interim Executive Director; Sharon Ragland-Keys, Owner/Managing Director, College Nannies & Tutors – The College Nannies and Tutors franchises have one common goal- to Build Stronger Families®. Sharon Ragland-Keys knew her 18 years in Human Resources Leadership roles combined with her passion for helping others made owning a CNT franchise an easy decision. CNT is a full service model for families needing assistance from cradle to college. Click & Listen:

tlf_721July 21, 2014: Jud Branam, Interim Executive Director; John Rudolph, Anderson Paint Everyone has a room in their house that they’d love to re-do. You can enter to win a Room Makeover from this family-owned company in Ann Arbor. Click & Listen:

tlf_707July 7, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF Executive Director; Kathy Scharp, Owner, Russian Ballet Theater SchoolThe Big Leap Award celebrates a business that “took the leap” and successfully created a new idea, model, or solution despite all the risks. Click & Listen:

tlf_630June 30, 2014: Lynne Chaimovitz, Neutral Zone; Jud Branam, TLF Executive Director; Matt & Rene Greff, Arbor Brewing Company– By The Pound, Russian Ballet Theater Company, Arbor Brewing Company, and the Neutral Zone were big winners at this year’s Indie Awards, celebrating independent businesses. Click & Listen:

tlf_623June 23, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF; Sharon Pederson, Partners in Personal Assistance Providing in-home and community-based personal assistant services, Partners in Personal Assistance offers an empowering solution for people with disabilities and elders who want to exercise independence and self determination in directing their personal care. Click & Listen:

tlf_Kat KuJune 16, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF; Kat Ku, Owner, Kat Ku Photography Trying to get your pets to sit still for that perfect photo can be difficult. This professional photographer shows us how to capture your furry friends’ finest moments.

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tlf_602June 2, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF; Christa Quinn, Communications & Marketing Director, Motawi Tileworks – Get perfectly imperfect art tiles for 25% off retail and field tile overruns at 85% off retail at Motawi Tileworks’ Open House this Saturday.

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tlf_512May 12, 2014: Jud Branam, TLF; Middy Mathews, Engage 360/TLF Board Member – Looking for a creative way to showcase your business? This unique photography service gives your customers 360 degree access to what you do. Click & Listen:

May 5, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Click & Listen:

tlf_428April 28, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Hilary & Mike Gustafson, Owners, Literati Bookstore – Thanks to the arrival of new businesses like Literati Bookstore, downtown Ann Arbor’s 4th Ave retail cooridor is coming back to life. Click & Listen:

tlf_421April 21, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Steve Blunk and Michelle Shannon, Delux Drapery – Update your home with new custom window treatments, bedding, or upholstery at this third generation family-owned business. Click & Listen:

April 14, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Tom Stoll, The Ark – Think Local First has partnered with The Ark to present six shows a year. Click & Listen:

April 7, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Jim Bates & Adam Konner, Lead Organizers, rcredits – Decide what is best for the community and fund it through this novel approach. Click & Listen:

March 31, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Here’s what happens to your dollars when you shop local. Click & Listen:

March 24, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – A new location for one restaurant and the closing of a longtime retail shop on Main Street are part of the changing face of Ann Arbor’s downtown businesses. Click & Listen:

March 17, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – The latest news and happenings from Think Local First. Click & Listen:

March 10, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Nawal Motawi, Owner, Motawi Tileworks – It’s the first-ever Motawi Tileworks Tile Tour an exclusive event allowing you to visit notable custom tile installations throughout Ann Arbor. Click & Listen:

March 3, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director Click & Listen:

February 24, 2014: Jan Davies McDermott – Nominations are now open for The ATHENA International Award Program, which recognizes initiatives in women’s leadership, and women owned businesses. Click & Listen:

February 17, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Pro-local attitudes are growing and driving customer traffic to independent stores. Click & Listen:

February 10, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Bailey Ahles, Caravan Shop – Located in Ann Arbor’s Nickel’s Arcade, the Caravan Shop sells imported gifts from around the world. Known as ‘a little shop of wonders’, the Caravan Shop has been a fixture in the Arcade since 1927. Click & Listen:

February 3, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director ; Callan Loo, Owner, Intentional Legacies; Jodi Lanning, Award Winner – This annual awards program celebrates the human spirit and personal transformation of individuals who experience major life transitions. Click & Listen:

January 27, 2014:  Think Local First: Ann Arbor’s Changing Downtown – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Two more retail stores are closing in downtown Ann Arbor and one restaurant is being shuttered after just a year in business.  What does it take to make it downtown in business?

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 Ingrid Ault and Lesley Perkins 1 20 14January 20, 2014: Think Local First:  A Different Way to Buy Food – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director ; People’s Food Co-op’s General Manager Lesley Perkins – The idea for a co-op actually began as a graduate student project under Professor Al Conner at the UM’s School of Social Work.  Two students started a buying club as a way for low-income people to get fresh, healthy food.

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January 13, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director ; Cardamom owners, Binod Dhakal and Becky Winkler – Located in Ann Arbor’s Courtyard Shops, the town’s newest Indian restaurant bills itself as fresh Indian food. Click & Listen:

January 6, 2014: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Rachel & Tarek Kanaan, Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea – Kombucha is a sweet and tart fermented drink that usually is naturally carbonated. Kombucha Tea originates from China and Russia and people have been drinking it for thousands of years. Since we last talked with the Kanaans, they’ve now added a Kombucha beer to their offerings. Click & Listen:

December 16, 2013: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director –

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December 9, 2013: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – What buying local means to the economy.

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November 25, 2013: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. They’re the corner stores that create jobs and the hardware stores that build the economy. And the mom and pop shops that whose very presence make a neighborhood, your neighborhood. Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. Founded by American Express in 2010, this day is celebrated every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving

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November 18, 2013:  Think Local First:  Carpenterguy –  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Greg Long, Carpenterguy – Energy wise and eco smart are the hallmarks of this locally-owned  residential and commercial building company, which uses super high energy structural panels that save you energy costs and create a better environment.
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November 11, 2013:  Think Local First: Chosen Word – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Rob Stone, Chosen Word Copywriting & Editorial Services –  Put Rob Stone’s thirty years in publishing to work for you. Rob’s experience includes having worked in a bookstore, as a buyer/marketing coordinator for a key religious wholesaler, and as a marketing manager for a major trade/academic publisher. He knows the printed word and how to communicate with it.

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November 4, 2013: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director Click & Listen:

October 28, 2013: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Mary Wessel-Walker, Owner, Harvest Kitchen – Ypsilanti’s Harvest Kitchen makes fresh, convenient, ready-to-go meals using ingredients from local farms. Now, the business has launched an online campaign to expand and reach more customers. Click & Listen:

October 21, 2013: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – A health policy analyst, a representative from the Washtenaw Health Initiative, and a healthcare analyst will all come together at an upcoming TLF event to present a discussion on the Affordable Care Act.

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September 30, 2013:  Think Local First:  How to Sell Your Food Locally – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Think Local First is partnering with a host of food organizations and businesses to present a series of workshops on local food entrepreneurs.  So, how profitable are such businesses?

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Ingrid Ault and Carol KammSeptember 23, 2013:  Think Local First: Selling Online for the Holidays – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Carol Kamm, Owner, Encore Online Resale What’s in your closet, attic, basement, garage, or storage room? The average household has more than $2,000 in unused items, just gathering dust. Encore’s eBay® Consignment Service helps you turn those old items into cash.  Find out what’s expected to be big sellers for the holidays.

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Ingrid Ault 9 16 13September 16, 2013:  Think Local First: The Success of Independent Book Stores & the Future of Local Retail – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – When major book retailer Borders pulled out of the business many wondered the fate of remaining independent bookstores.  Not only are they thriving, but they are also growing.  We take a look at what’s behind the phenomenon and examine what the future holds for locally-owned businesses.

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  Ingrid Ault September 2013September 9, 2013:  Think Local First: Starting & Growing A Food Based Business – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Learn the building blocks to become a local food entrepreneur at this upcoming series of workshops presented by Think Local First, Growing Hope, and Whole Foods Market. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Robin AgnewAugust 26, 2013: Think Local First: Kerrytown BookFest  – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Robin Agnew, President, Kerrytown BookFest / Co-Owner, Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookshop –  From Motown to Iggy Pop, to automobiles and vanishing cities, Michigan Narratives is the theme of the 11th Annual Kerrytown BookFest.  This showcase of Michigan authors, artists, and bookstore owners is a true celebration of the written word.  The Kerrytown BookFest is September 8 in the historic Kerrytown district in Ann Arbor.

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Jeremy PetersAugust 19, 2013:  Think Local First:  Hidden Gem Ghostly International – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Jeremy Peters, Director of Creative Licensing & Business Affairs, Ghostly International – The winner of Think Local First’s Hidden Gem Award, which is given to a great business that is overlooked and more people should know about, is an Ann Arbor company that you, well, probably have never heard of before.  But Ghostly International’s reputation is, indeed, international.  Described as a multi-platform cultural curator, it’s a music-publishing house, record label, art gallery, design house, clothing designer, and tech innovator all rolled into one.

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Rene Greff Ingrid Ault Matt GreffAugust 12, 2013:  Think Local First: The Booming Beer Business – Ingrid Ault (middle), TLF Executive Director; Rene & Matt Greff, Owners, Arbor Brewing Company & The Corner Brewery A new beer debuting at Arbor Brewing Company this fall will sound very familiar to fans of a certain musical monster.  The beer is just one aspect of the innovations developing at ABC, as it’s fondly known.

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Ingrid Ault and Kathryn Hannan August 2013August 5, 2013:   Think Local First:  Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Kathryn Hannan, TheraCare Therapeutic Massage & Healing Arts Center – There are simple steps you can take right now to improve your overall appearance and how you feel.  Kathryn teaches us one method and talks about the benefits of therapeutic massage.

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Sharon PedersenJuly 29, 2013:  Think Local First: Community Alliance – Sharon Pedersen, Director of Business Development and Marketing Community Alliance helps vulnerable populations participate in the larger community through support services, fiscal intermediary services, housing and home ownership options — all allowing for independence and self sufficiency.  You are invited to the Community Alliance Classic, a Miniature Golf Outing to help raise funds for this organization.  Sunday, August 18, 1:30-4:30 PM at Putterz Golf & Games on Washtenaw Avenue in Ypsilanti.  Call 734.482.3300 or visit

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Ingrid Ault Jeanne Loveland Rebecca KingJuly 22, 2013:  Think Local FirstCafé Marie  – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Café Marie’s Jeanne Loveland, Owner, and Rebecca King, Marketing & Promotions Director Twenty years ago, when Café Marie first opened on Ann Arbor’s northside, manager Jeanne Loveland never imagined that she would one day own the place renowned for its potato & cheese avalanche.  Today, this girl who grew up on a nearby farm now utilizes her family’s fresh grown produce for ingredients at her restaurant.  Family is an important concept at Café Marie, which is hosting a bone marrow matching event Thursday, July 25 from 7 AM-7 PM for one of their own.  They hope it results in a match for an employee who is battling Leukemia. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Sam PatelJuly 15, 2013:  Think Local First: Shipping & Mailing – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Sam Patel, Owner, Arbor Pak N Mail They package anything and ship anywhere.  Arbor Pak N Mail has been serving our community since 1998.  Learn the inner-workings of shipping and mailing utilizing this family-owned and operated business.

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Ingrid Ault and Brian TruskowskiJuly 8, 2013:  Think Local First: The Miracle of Massage – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Brian Truskowski, Owner, Brian Truskowski Therapeutic Massage Massage can not only make you feel good, but also provide you with tremendous health benefits.  From increasing blood flow and circulation of lymph – part of your body’s natural defense system – to encouraging better sleep and even potentially increasing your energy level.

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Ingrid Ault July 2013July 1, 2013:  Think Local First: Washtenaw Indie Awards Announced – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Independent business owners are being honored for their risk-taking sto enhance our community.

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Jan Davies McDermott and Ingrid Ault June 2013

June 24, 2013:   Think Local First: ATHENA Awards – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Jan Davies McDermott, Administrator, Governing Body of the Washtenaw ATHENA PowerLink – Five local women were saluted recently at the ATHENA Awards, a celebration of women in leadership.  In addition, the ATHENA PowerLink recipients were recognized.  ATHENA not only salutes these business women, but also provides for $30,000 in pro bono professional services to help them grow their businesses. Click & Listen:

June 17, 2013:  Think Local FirstThe Indie Awards and the 2013 Resource Guide – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director – Thanks to a new partnership with The Ann, distribution of Think Local First’s  Resource Guide is increasing 400%.  Ingrid explains where you’ll find copies of this publication that lists TLF members, and she also updates us on the first ever awards celebrating independent businesses in Washtenaw County. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Penny Corbett

June 3, 2013:  Think Local First:  Jorn Court Associates  – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Penny Corbett, Owner, Jorn Court Associates Overwhelmed by paperwork and financial affairs?  Whether you own a business or need personal assistance with your own finances, Penny Corbett can help.  She can do everything from monthly bank and credit card account reconciliation to bookkeeping and tax preparation. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Cal Loo May 2013
May 20, 2013:   Think Local First:  Intentional Living – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Callan Loo, Owner, Peaceful Crossings – Learn about the First Annual Rising Phoenix Awards by Peaceful Crossings, as well as several Intentional Living workshops coming up.

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Ingrid Ault and Yael Rodan

May 13, 2013:  Think Local First: Creating Memorable Events through Design – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Yael Zoldan, Owner, Designs That Matter  – Specializing in handmade invitations, event decorations, custom albums, and uniquely crafted gifts, the creations of  Designs That Matter are handmade and reflect a collaborative work with each client – making them one of a kind works of art. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Jan McCormick

May 6, 2013:  Think Local FirstThe Pear Tree Gift Shop – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Jan McCormick, Owner, The Pear This former journalist followed her dream and one year ago opened this sweet shop featuring colorful pottery, jewelry and hand crafted items from Ann Arbor and Michigan artisans. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Marcie Greenfield

April 29, 2013:   Think Local FirstSavor Ann Arbor – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Marcie Greenfield, Savor Ann Arbor Tours & Tastings – Born out of a love for her town, Marcie Greenfield’s walking tours of Ann Arbor showcase the history, architecture, shops, and culinary treasures for you to discover and enjoy. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Doug Selby

April 22, 2013:  Think Local First: NARI Tour of Remodeled Homes – Going Green:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Doug Selby, Meadowlark Builders The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is hosting its tour of remodeled homes this weekend.  On the tour is Meadowlark Builders’ whole house remodel on Fountain Street, which includes an energy retrofit.  Meadowlark Builders has built or renovated 12 LEED-certified homes in Michigan, including Ann Arbor’s first platinum-certified home. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and KLyle Poplin

April 15, 2013:  Think Local First: The Indies – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Kyle Poplin, Publisher, The Ann – Think Local First and The Ann are partnering to present the first ever Washtenaw Indie Awards. This is the community’s opportunity to speak up and honor the small independently-owned businesses that are the fabric of our community. Nominate a deserving business for a Washtenaw Indie award, here. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Traven Pelletier

April 8, 2013:  Think Local First: Getting Ready for the Growing Season – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Traven Pelletier, Owner, BLOOM! Garden Center With the warmer weather creeping in it’s time to start thinking about the garden.  BLOOM! Garden Center is one of the newest places in town to get your plants for the yard, as well as tapping into their landscape experts. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Cal Loo

April 1, 2013:  Think Local First: Small Business Legacy Planning – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Cal Loo, President, Peaceful CrossingsYour business isn’t just any business, it’s one that you are pouring your heart, soul, and maybe even life savings into.  What would happen if something unexpected were to happen to you?  Peaceful Crossings helps you find peace and balance while navigating life’s big transitions.  The Small Business Legacy Planning Workshop is Thursday, April 4 from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM at Peaceful Crossings, 2723 S. State St., Ste. 150, Ann Arbor.  Visit Click & Listen:

Jeannie Ballew and Christa Chambers March 25 2013

March 25, 2013:  Think Local First: Techno SLAM – Jeannie Ballew and Christa Chambers-Price, Co-Creators, Entre SLAM The creators of Entre SLAM are dishing up Techno-SLAM this week, a competition for startup tech companies to show their stuff and tell their stories to an audience of peers and mentors This month’s slam is co-sponsored by SPARK Ann Arbor.  There will also be display tables of area entrepreneurs and a feast of Italian food being served up for Chef SLAM, another fun aspect of Entre SLAM, and the Entre SLAM buses will be coming in from Detroit and Lansing, as well. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault

March 18, 2013:  Think Local First: AMIBA – American Independent Business Alliance – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First Learn how to fight “showrooming” and hear about an upcoming Think Local First event featuring Jeff Milchen, the co-founder of the American Independent Business Alliance.  AMIBA supports more than 80 local networks around the U.S.  Jeff Milchen will be in Ann Arbor on Monday, March 25.  Click here for details. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Jud Branam

March 11, 2013:  Think Local First: Ink By the Barrel  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Jud Branam, Owner, Ink By the Barrel – How well are you and your business navigating the digital-sphere?  This digital strategy consultancy focuses on aligning messages, platforms, and audiences.  Think Local First recently worked with Jud Branam when he performed a communications audit and examined the strategies being employed to promote the buy local movement in the Ann Arbor area. Click & Listen:

Jan Davies McDermott Ingrid Ault

March 4, 2013:  Think Local First:  Athena PowerLink – Jan Davies McDermott, ATHENA Board Member/Business Owner; Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; – The ATHENA PowerLink Program of Washtenaw County is a mentoring program designed to connect business owners with a skilled advisory panel.  Applications are now being accepted for this year’s ATHENA Powerlink program. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault Jessica Meissner         February 25, 2013:  Think Local First:  Business Employment Cooperatives  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Jessica Meissner, Economic Anthropologist, Sustainable Community-based Economies Advocate Business and employment co-operatives (BECs) represent a new approach to providing support to the creation of new businesses. The first BEC was started in France in 1996.  BECs enable budding entrepreneurs to experiment with their business idea while benefiting from a secure income.  Learn how Washtenaw County is exploring similar models to see if they might work in our own community. Click & Listen:

Ingrid Ault and Paul SkinnerFebruary 18, 2013:  Think Local First: Pet Nutrition  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Paul Skinner, Owner, Green Pawz Pet SupplyBilled as Ann Arbor’s original holistic pet supply store, Green Pawz Pet Supply’s mission is to encourage the health of your pet and the health of our planet. They specialize in environmentally friendly pet supplies for your dog and cat. We are dedicated to helping your pet live a long and healthy life. Click & Listen:

Carol Kamm 2013             February 11, 2013:  Think Local First: Selling on EBay – Carol Kamm, Encore Online Resale –  What’s in your closet?  Or attic, basement, garage, storage room? The average household has more than $2,000 in unused items, just gathering dust. Encore’s eBay Consignment Service helps you turn those old items into cash. Click & Listen:

February 4, 2013:  Think Local First: 3rd Annual A2 Ethics Big Ethical Question Slam – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Jeanine DeLay, – This non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting ethics through education, social networking and collaborative events. has launched numerous ventures: from the first Ethics Economy Initiative, a popular podcast interview series featuring ethics professionals from our home state of Michigan, to the Big Ethical Question Slam, the only ethics dilemma competition on the planet. Click & Listen:

  January 28, 2013:   Think Local First: 5th Annual HomeGrown Local Food Summit– Lucas DiGia, Planning Committee – The local food movement is booming, thanks to young entrepreneurs who are championing sustainable, year-round operations.  The upcoming Food Summit will explore food and poverty and what a fair food system would look like.  The Food Summit is Friday, February 22, 2013, 8 AM-4 PM at Washtenaw Community College.  Earlybird rate is $40 if you register by 2/15.  Visit for more info. Click & Listen:

January 14, 2013:   Think Local First: Window Treatments – Delux Drapery & Shade Company’s Michele Shannon, Showroom Manager, & Steve Blunk, President – A longtime Ann Arbor company celebrates its brand new location and showroom with a grand re-opening this week.  Owner Steve Blunk’s grandfather started the company more than 70 years ago. Click & Listen:

December 31, 2012:  Think Local First: Cocktails for the New Year’s – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Tammy Coxen, Owner, Tammy’s Tastings Sidle up to the bar for some delicious cocktails with Ann Arbor’s premier craft cocktail concocter.  Tammy shows us why bars are taking as much care with the ingredients in their drinks as chefs do with their food. Click & Listen:

December 17, 2012:  Think Local First:   – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First – Ingrid tells us about the Local Institute for Self Reliance, where Stacy Mitchell is a senior researcher who does the year end shopping survey for the country.  Mitchell, author of Big Box Swindle, shows the impact shopping local has on the economy. Click & Listen:

      December 3, 2012:  Think Local First: Local Winter Produce  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Nancy Crisp, Market Manager, Saline Farmers Market – Since it first began in 2000, the Saline Farmers Market continues to expand straight through the seasons. Click & Listen:

November 26, 2012:  Think Local First: How to Buy Local Online – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First – Today is traditionally one of the biggest online shopping days.  Ingrid shows us how you can shop from the comfort of your computer while still supporting local businesses.  Shop online at Click & Listen:

    November 19, 2012:  Think Local First: Today’s Pharmacy – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Rachel Wilkenson, Wellness Center Manager, Dexter Pharmacy & Village Pharmacy II Learn about the important role of pharmacies in the changing world of healthcare.  Dexter Pharmacy and Village Pharmacy II are  locally-owned and operated, independent pharmacies. Click & Listen:

          November 12, 2012:  Think Local First:  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Angela Barbash, Founder/CEO, Reconsider – Many of us are buying local, but do you know how to invest local?  Attendees at Think Local First’s Annual Meeting will learn how to shift their money from Wall Street to Main Street. Click & Listen:

        November 5, 2012:  Think Local First: The Wedding Planner – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Ana Skidmore, Owner, TwoFoot Creative– With the average wedding costing nearly $30,000, many couples are turning to wedding planners to help make their day memorable.   Wedding Planner Ana Skidmore takes us inside the process and explains what you should expect when you work with an Accredited Bridal Consultant. Click & Listen:

        October 29, 2012:  Think Local First – Credit Unions – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Jim Kirk, Director of Community Relations, UM Credit Union – What is a credit union and how does it work?  Jim Kirk explains and tells us about the benefits of doing business with a credit union. Click & Listen:

October 22, 2012:  Think Local First:  – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Amy Cortese, Author, LocavestingLocavesting is a call to rethink the way we invest, so that we support the small businesses that create jobs and healthy resilient communities.  Just as “Buy Local” campaigns have found that a shift in purchasing from chains to locally-owned enterprises can reap benefits for a community, so too can a shift in our investment dollars. Click & Listen:

October 15, 2012:  Think Local First:  Skin Care – Jessica Elkins, Owner, Jessica’s Skin & Body Apothecary ; Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First:  Specializing in skin care with the relaxation you would expect from a day spa, Jessica’s Apothecary has opened in a new location and is hiring a team of people to join her. Click & Listen:

      October 9, 2012:  Think Local First: Habitat ReStore   – Alana Knoppow, ReStore Volunteer Coordinator & Marketing Associate; Victor Whipple, ReStore DirectorHabitat for Humanity of Huron Valley works to provide affordable homeownership opportunities for hardworking and deserving families in Washtenaw County.  Did you know that Habitat also operates a home improvement warehouse?  The Habitat ReStore is a 16,000 square foot facility where you can both donate and find new and gently used building materials, furniture, appliances, and everything you need to update, maintain, and furnish your space. Click & Listen:

          October 1, 2012:  Think Local First: Bigger Sales to Bigger Customers – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Jan Davies McDermott, Certified Whale Hunting Partner, Guiding Light Business Consulting Midwest Region – Using whale hunting as a metaphor for the process of landing the big one in sales – or donors, in the case of a non-profit – we learn how to grow our business with bigger deals, bigger customers. Click & Listen:

September 24, 2012: Think Local First: Investing in Local – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First: Upcoming events sponsored by Think Local First include a seminar on Locavesting and making other connections in your own community. Click & Listen:

September 17, 2012:  Think Local First:  –Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Tammy Coxen, Tammy’s Tastings – From a supper club to classes, workshops, and private catering, Tammy Coxen creates a unique food and drink experience. Click & Listen:

            Think Local First: Being a Better Leader – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Ari Weinzweig, Co-Owner, Zingerman’sNoted food entrepreneur Ari Weinsweig of Zingerman’s fame is back with another book in his series of Guide to Good Leading.  Entitled  A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Being a Better Leader, he stresses that we are all good leaders and shows us a better way to lead workers resulting in a good business environment. Click & Listen:

        August 6, 2012:   Think Local First: From Dirt to Shirt in 100 Miles   –   Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Eric Henry, TS  Designs –  Supporting more than 700 jobs in North Carolina, TS Designs is an example of how a business can operate in a sustainable way for the good of the community where it resides. Click & Listen:

    July 30, 2012:  Think Local First:  Trees Ravaged by Dexter Tornado Get New Life – Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Paul Hickman, Urban AshesA Dexter resident concerned about the massive number of trees downed by the recent tornado that swept through the region contacted the one guy she knew could give them a second life.  Paul Hickman’s Urban Ashes takes reclaimed wood and makes it into beautiful picture frames.  His work is now in 45 retail locations across seven states. Click & Listen:

July 23, 2012:  Think Local FirstCollege Nannies &  Tutors:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First; Sharon Ragland-Keys, Owner/Managing Director, College Nannies & Tutors – Free summer workshops in math, science, organization, and college prep tests are available from College Nannies & Tutors.  Sharon also tells us her company is growing and is hiring more nannies and tutors to work with families throughout southeast Michigan. Click & Listen:

    July 16, 2012:  Think Local First: Fixing the Future:  Jobs & Sustainability – Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director: Ingrid talks about a feature documentary and live event coming  up in Ann Arbor and 100 other communities across the country focusing on the reinvention of the American economy.  It will include a discussion on local procurement policies. Click & Listen:

  July 9, 2012:  Think Local First: Incu-Bake – Marcy Kates, Owner of Incu-Bake; Ingrid Ault, Executive Director, Think Local First: Incu-Bake is a kitchen incubator for small businesses that is doing exceedingly well.  Owner Marcy Kates hails from Holt, Michigan, and she recently came in second place at Entre-SLAM in Ann Arbor, where business owners share their stories in a lively format in front of an audience. Click & Listen:


    July 2, 2012: The Ann’s July Issue Celebrates “Independents”  Kyle & Myra Poplin, Owners of The AnnThe push to “buy local” has given all of us new perspective on where we spend our dollars.  In the latest edition of The Ann, writer Lynn Monson takes a look at whether local governments should do more to help local businesses.  That may mean paying more rather than courting the low bid. Click & Listen:

          June 25, 2012:  Think Local First: Lunasa Goes Mobile: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Dir.; Jane Pacheco, LunasaAs Lunasa hosts its grand opening at the Washtenaw Food Hub this week, it also has developed a mobile market concept and recently partner with Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn. Click & Listen:

  June 11, 2012:   Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Dir.; Dawn Zuber, Studio Z Architecture – Studio Z Architecture was established in 1997 by Dawn Zuber, AIA, to provide professional architectural services for homeowners in Southeast Michigan. Studio Z Architecture specializes in residential remodeling, additions, and custom home design.  Dawn also makes beautiful jewelry, as well. Click & Listen:

May 28, 2012:  Think Local First:  Entre SLAM:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Jeannie Ballew and Christa Chambers-Price, Entre SLAM – Entre SLAM is a storytelling competition for entrepreneurs.  Based on a monthly theme, entrepreneurs tell true stories to a community of their peers.  Prizes are awarded to the top three storytellers and winners are videotaped and posted online.  Taking networking to a whole new level, the concept is drawing national media attention to Ann Arbor. Click & Listen:

May 21, 2012:  Think Local First:  Ann Arbor’s Bed & Breakfast Industry:  Ingrid Ault, TLF President; Jan Davies McDermott, Owner & Innkeeper, Davies House Inn Georgetown and Davies Cottage on Parrott’s Pointe (Mullett Lake) – There are 20 different Bed & Breakfast inns located in the greater Washtenaw County region.  One of the longest running is Ann Arbor’s Davies House Inn Georgetown.  Owner Jan Davies McDermott tells us how she got started in business and how her industry has adapted through the years. Click & Listen:

    May 14, 2012:  Think Local First:  Elder Assistance:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Margaret Shaw, Owner of Mindful Living Eldercare – Working one-on-one with elder clients, Margaret Shaw offers an incredible array of non-medical services to help older people retain independence and remain in control of their lives.  Her out-of-the-box skill set and willingness to work in non-conventional areas set her apart from other services. Click & Listen:

May 7, 2012:  Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault (center), TLF Executive Director;  Avalon Housing’s  Kim Wilcox, Director of Communications, and Carole McCabe, Executive Director – Avalon Housing is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to developing and managing permanent supportive rental housing for people with extremely low incomes in Washtenaw County.   Now celebrating 20 years of serving our community’s most vulnerable residents, Avalon Housing invites us to where it all began at 201 W. William in Ann Arbor.    The six apartment houses there will be open for tours. Click & Listen:

        April 30, 2012:  Think Local First: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Mary Wessel Walker, Founder, Harvest KitchenIf you are too busy to cook and want to eat healthy, locally grown food at an affordable price, Harvest Kitchen is the answer for you. Since we last spoke to owner Mary Wessel Walker, she has grown her business to include a store front in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town where customers can stop in and select from Harvest Kitchen’s ready-to-go meal service. Click & Listen:

    April 23, 2012:   Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Jill Damon, Owner, 16 Hands – A few weeks ago we found out that a new retail store is moving into the old Main Street space that was once occupied by 16 Hands, so we thought it was time to see how 16 Hands is doing in its new space at The Kerrytown Shops.  It turns out a  few pieces from 16 Hands were used on the set of the film, The Five Year Engagement, which was shot in Ann Arbor and is in theaters now. Click & Listen:

    April 16, 2012:  Think Local First: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Mary Cambruzzi, Owner of Found – You never know what you’ll find at Found. From whimsical art to vintage treasures, this unique little shop in Kerrytown features a creative mix of fun finds. In addition to antiques and treasures from the past, FOUND showcases contemporary artists who create whimsical art, jewelry and gifts from vintage or found materials. Click & Listen:

          April 9, 2012:  Think Local First: Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Khadijah Kolleck, Market Manager, The Sunday Artisan Market – The Sunday Artisan Market offers original, handmade work by more than 70 artists and fine crafts persons in a full range of traditional (and some not-so-traditional!) media. All work is sold by the artist who made it. Click & Listen:

    April 2, 2012:  Think Local First:  Monique Deschaine, Owner, Al Dente Pasta5,000 pounds of pasta a day is made at Al Dente Pasta just north of Ann Arbor in Whitmore Lake.  Monique shares her story of success which began 30 years ago and now her company is getting nationwide and international acclaim. Click & Listen:


March 26, 2012:  Think Local First: Alex Perlman & Dan Morse of The Beet Box; Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Phillis Engelbert, Mark’s Carts – The Beet Box is a new cart at Mark’s Carts opening this weekend. Owned by five exuberant and talented University of Michigan students, they used crowdfunding to help get them off the ground. Mark’s Carts is a unique food cart courtyard in downtown Ann Arbor (on Washington St. between First & Ashley.) Click & Listen:

        March 19, 2012:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Terry Caldwell, Owner, and  Todd Simmons from Bodywise Therapeutic Massage – Find out how massage can be one of your strongest allies in restoring and maintaining good back health and pain-free movement.  Locally-owned and operated, Bodywise Therapeutic Massage services include Swedish, stress reduction, clinical, deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial, sports, and pregnancy massages. Click & Listen:


        March 12, 2012:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Marisa Smith, President/Founder, Whole Brain Group – How Tech Savvy is Your Company? – Marisa shows us how our businesses should be using social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, by illustrating the great resources it can provide to better market your message.  The Whole Brain Group, a member of Think Local First, provides website, design, and social media expertise. Click & Listen:

        March 5, 2012: Think Local First:  Rachel Beyer, Tilian Farm Development Center – A project of Food System Economic Partnership, the Tilian Farm Development Center invests in the development of new farmers and new farm business in the Ann Arbor community. Click & Listen:

        February 27, 2012: Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; & Kathleen Gina, President of Running Fit 501 Running Club – She’s been running for more than 30 years and has completed 10 marathons, giving Kathleen Gina the perfect passion to train others.  The Running Fit 501 Running Club provides experts in 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half marathon, and full marathon training programs. Click & Listen:

          February 20, 2012:  Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Gretchen Farah, Representative of Newcomer’s Welcome Service – New to town?  Newcomer’s Welcome Service is a great way to get to know the area’s small and independent businesses.  Representatives armed with coupons and gifts visit newcomers to help showcase local businesses and make new residents feel welcome. Click & Listen:

          February 13, 2012:  Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Nancy Crisp, Market Manager, Saline Farmers Market Did you know that the Saline Farmers Market is open during the winter?  Market Manager Nancy Crisp stops by to tell us where, when and what you can find at the market in winter. Click & Listen:

  February 6, 2012:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Nancy Biehn, Owner, Sweet Gem Confections – Growing up on a Wisconsin farm, Nancy Biehn learned to appreciate the farm-to-table approach to food.  She uses those same principles in her chocolate business.  Located inside Morgan & York on Packard Road, Sweet Gem Confections is a small artisan chocolate shop that creates handcrafted chocolates and confections in small batches, using only the very best ingredients available.  The result is a fascinating blend of delicious ingredients that all come together in a tantalizing taste sensation of chocolate heaven. Click & Listen:

January 30, 2012:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Nell Narowski, Owner of Amish Tables – Amish Tables works with the Amish in Indiana to produce quality-made furniture.  Nell says the Amish are slowly starting to use more modern day technology for their businesses, but are still adhering to that old world sensibility. Click & Listen:

January 23, 2012:  Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Tarek & Rachel Kanaan, Owners of Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea – How a battle over regulatory rules created a new opportunity for the owners of this unique product line made in Ypsilanti. Click & Listen:

January 16, 2012:  Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Chris & Pierre Wick, Owners of miette – This Ann Arbor bakery specializes in fresh-baked pastries made with local, Michigan ingredients.  From locally milled flour, organic, free-range eggs, organic butter, and fresh, seasonal fruit, these handmade pastries are as natural as it gets. Click & Listen:

January 9, 2012:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Helen Harding, Co-Owner of eat – From a lunch cart business to a store location, eat is growing its unique take-out and catering business.  Don’t let the lower case “e” fool you – eat’s food, most of which is locally-sourced, is big time fare. Click & Listen:

December 12, 2011:  Think Local First: Paul  Hickman, Urban Ashes:  New Partnerships for Ann Arbor Business That Reclaims Salvaged Wood – A line from Ann Arbor’s Urban Ashes is now being featured on the Pure Michigan Online Store, and the local company is now making custom frames for Motawi Tileworks.  Paul Hickman tells us about his latest ventures and talks about a fundraiser at his home for Think Local First. Click & Listen:

December 5, 2011:   Think Local First: Lisa Waud, Pot and Box; Ingrid Ault, Think Local First Executive Director; and Claudette Stern, METAL Two local businesses, Pot and Box and METAL, are teaming up to present a holiday party.  It’s a great collaboration that makes it easy to shop local this weekend. Click & Listen:

November 28, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First:  Thinking Local on Cyber Monday – So, you’re planning on shopping online for the holidays?  Ingrid shows us a great website where you can get unique Michigan made items.  Visit it here. Click & Listen:

November 21, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; Jill Damon, 16 Hands – Celebrating fine craft since 1975, 16 Hands fine arts gallery has moved from Main Street to new space in the Kerrytown Shops.  Owner Jill Damon explains what drove the change and how it has enhanced her business. Click & Listen:

November 14, 2011:  Think Local First:  Genetically Engineered Foods – Caitlin Joseph, People’s Food Co-op’s Education Outreach Coordinator; Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Claire Maitre, Community Activist:  Ann Arbor’s community-owned natural foods grocery store, which is celebrating  its 40th anniversary this year, is partnering with the campaign to label genetically-engineered foods.  Making a distinction between “genetically-modified” (think beer) and “genetically-engineered” members of the People’s Food Co-op explain why  they believe such items need to be clearly labelled as such. Click & Listen:

November 7, 2011:  Think Local First:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; Gloria Brooks, President/CEO of Arbor Hospice  A new member of Think Local First, Arbor Hospice  Arbor Hospice has more than 27 years experience providing hospice care to southeast Michigan communities and is the preferred provider for several hospital systems.  Visit Click & Listen:

October 31, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; Laura Rubin, Executive Director of the Huron River Watershed Council – Efforts are underway to make the Huron River more of a community magnet by cleaning it up and building it up with businesses and river-friendly features. Hear how the RiverUp! Project could change the way we utilize our river. Click & Listen:

October 24, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First:  TLF Update – BALLE (Business Alliance of Local Living Economies), the parent organization to Think Local First, is hosting its conference this year in Grand Rapids.  Ingrid gives us a preview.  Also:  TLF’s annual meeting is coming up November 15th, and TLF is hosting a joint event with member business Abracadabra Jewelry on Friday, November 4th. Click & Listen:

October 17, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; Casey Coffelt, Michigan Computer SupplyWith the motto, “Computer products for the responsible business”,  Michigan Computer Supply is a wholesale distributor of computer supplies, and accessories. They also sell printers, cartridges, accessories and other items. In addition, Michigan Computer Supply refurbishes laser printers at its Ann Arbor warehouse. Click & Listen:

October 3, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; Kirsten Mowrey from Complete Chiropractic and Bodywork Therapies Click & Listen:

September 26, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; Jack Wilson, Founder/CEO, Wiltec Technologies:  A 4th generation Ann Arborite, Jack Wilson tells us how he started his telecommunications and electrical contracting business.  Wiltec designs and implements voice technology, security/life safety, electrical services, audio/video, structured cabling, networks, and wireless access.  In addition, Jack is the Chair for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s upcoming   Light the Night Walk, featuring the Ann Arbor LLS hero, little Kyle Peterson. Click & Listen:

September 19, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; & Ann Farnham, Director of Promotions/Community Relations, A2 PTO Thrift Shop -Nearly $150,000 is being funneled to programs of the Ann Arbor Public Schools this year through the efforts of the dedicated volunteers and staff at the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop.  Ann Farnham says it couldn’t happen without great community members who donate and shop at this non-profit resale shop. Click & Listen:

August 22, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; & Laura Meisler, Homegrown FestivalThe Homegrown Festival celebrates food and community and  features food and items sourced regionally, including beer and wine. Click & Listen:

August 22, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executive Director of Think Local First; & Mike Horning, 20/20 Communications – If you want your business to excel, you need to be up to date on the latest technology.  Mike Horning explains how his company can navigate you through the murky waters of IT infrastructure.  Click & Listen:

August 15, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, TLF Executive Director; & Gary Urick, Recycle Ann Arbor’s ReUse Center Manager Click & Listen:

August 8, 2011:  Ingrid Ault, Executice Director of Think Local First; & Paul Hickman, Owner of Urban Ashes – Urban Ashes is a home furnishings collection that allows you to reclaim a piece of Michigan’s environmental legacy, made from trees that grew in our yards, streets, and parks.  Owner Paul Hickman is a member of the Urbanwood Project, a collective of people who work with recycled wood products.  He explains how these small, family-owned businesses recover good logs from tree removals and turn them into lumber and flooring.  Learn more at “A Day at the (Urban) Sawmill” on Saturday, August 20 from 9:30 AM-2:30 PM at Recycle Ann Arbor’s ReUse Center, 2420 S. Industrial.  Visit for more info, and listen to our interview below.  Click & Listen:

August 1, 2011:  Barb Chaffer Authier, Marketing Director, The Ark-The unique partnership of Think Local First and Ann Arbor’s premier performing venue for Michigan musicians in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.

Click & Listen: